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Totty Records of Montague County Texas
(Digging for our Totty Roots and finding the leaves on our Totty genealogy tree)

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The TottyRoots Family Records and document pages is a collection of our TOTTY Roots mailing list records and research by the TOTTY Roots Research Group.   If you have any records to would like to share with us, please contact our TOTTY Roots Administrator and Web Page Editor.     We at TOTTY Roots are dedicated to protecting the rights and privacy of our living relatives.  We encourage all involved in Genealogy Research to omit Vital information on any of our family members who are still LIVING, UNLESS you have their express and or written permisson.  We need to protect our descendants, while we search for our ancestors.    PLEASE do your part to protect and respect the privacy of everyone when placing information on the web.

The County of Montague was created by an Act of the legislature from COOKE Co. TX on 26 Dec. 1857, the government was organized on 02 Aug. 1858.  Montague County was named for pioneer Daniel Montague.    Montague was settled earlier by some early pioneers in the Saint Jo and Forestburg area's where the first two voting places were in 1858.    F. M. TOTTY and his family and numerous other families left Hickman County, Tennessee by wagon train on October 5, 1853 and arrived in COOKE County, TX six weeks later, the FIRST settlers of this county.   The original land patent in 1858 of F. M. TOTTY was in Cooke Co. in that part which was later established as Montague Co., TX.   The diary of Rhoda Spradling TOTTY, wife of Francis Marion TOTTY the first surveyor of Montague County who laid out the town of Montague, was documents many facts of Montague during the 22 years she faithfully wrote in them from May 1876 until her death in April 1899.

Letter written by W. C. TOTTY to his parents Robert & Matilda TOTTY in Hickman, Co., TN.

Source: ["TOTTYS and TOTTY TIES, a Family History 1685-1975 by Alma TOTTY Seitz, Written and Published by Alma TOTTY Seitz, ©1975, Printed by Fugate Printing Co., Pampa, TX", pg 49]
W. C. TOTTY wrote:
        "Clear Creek Texas
         December the 14th 1855
       "The conection ar generally well.  Fran's fam-
         ily has bin Sick but ar all well at this tim.  Jack
         had the the bad luck to git his foot hurt ver bad Som
         three week ago.  We was raising Jo Bs hows & was
         weak handed puting up the top log.   It sliped and fell.
         He dodged but it struck his foot.  He was past walking
         for several das but is able to get abought & work.  He
         had commensed bilding his hows at the time he got
         hurt & was living (a camp?).  We all joined in put up his
         house and he has moved in to it a very good hued log
         hows.   Him & Jo B got land in abought one mile of me.
         He bought a Surtificant for 62 cents.  It will cost them
         75 cents per acre with the Survey fee.  It is all good land
         the hol hundred and sixty acres.  They have divided the
         land and one lives on one end and the other on the other
         You wanted to know Something about Jacks law suit.  It
         has never been tried yet.   Jack had to put off the trial on
         account my not being there.  I am a witness.  My children
         was sick and I could not leave home.  I think it will be tried
         next court & I have no doubt but he will git jugment but I
         fear that is all he will ever git.  Jack has had a greadeal of
         bad luck but he is still in good spirits yet and I think he will
         win yet for he don't mind work and he has a very industrious


Montague County Court House
Photo of Montague County Court House
Photo submitted by TOTTY research Shirley Hageman

Copied from Original Land Grants map and checked against the listing found in the Montague Milestones December 1985 Vol. VI Apr., May, June 1992  Issue No. 2, pp3-4


Size, John                                        Noblitt, L.
Perryman, Levi                                Hughes, S. D.
White, L. B.                                    Givens, Geo. E.
White, J. C.                                     Mobley, Wm. J.
White, S. L.                                     Cox, J. G.
Linn, Wm                                         Long, Wm.
Box, J.F.                                          Morris, John
Box, Mary B.                                   Bleer, John H. H.
Hatfield, F. N.                                  Brown, F. M.
Brown, E. H.                                    Hamilton, M. J.
Durham, Jas. R.                                Jones, Issac N.
Griffin, R.                                         Smith, J. H.
Roberts, Steph                                 Webb, Jacob
McElroy, Nath                                 Webb, J. R.
McElroy, John                                  Henwood, Eliz
Wells, J. W.                                     Perryman, L.
Morris, Austin                                  Henniss, Joshua J.
WIlliams, Wm T.                              Medley, J. W.
Blankenship, L.       WALKER, A. J.
WALKER, F. ?                              Flanigan, Susan E.
Leeper, B. F.                                   Williams, John W.
Kenan, John                                     Rippetoe, Wm.
Caddell, Wm.                                  Wilson, W. H.
Dyer, Joel                                         Edwards, H. E.
Fanning, A. J.                                   Tinney, W. A.
WELCH, Mary A.     TOTTY, John E.
Long, J. C.                                       Southerland, Elijah
Tompkins, John K.                           Poyner, D. L.
Ricketts, R. T.                                  Fanning, Wm.
Barnes, J. G.                                    Luckenback, J. L.
Eiland, B. J.                                     Fanning, Geo. W.
Fox, J.E.                                          Huckaby, G. W.
White, T. B.                                     Morris, Wm. A.
Gregg, Geo. W.                               McClyman, J. B.
Boyd, J. J.                                       Gammell, L. N.
Noble, Mark (Heirs)                        Seeds, Francis
Huskey, J.A.           ROBERTS, C. F.
Gregg, J.                                          Pettitt, James
Busby, Daniel          HARVILL, John
Southward, D. F.                             Willis, E. (Alias Ward)
Walton, T.                                        Perryman, A. G.
Vance, John W.                               White, W. S.
Valentine, W. H.      Spencer, Susan E.
Waddington, F.                                 Southward, Wm. H.
Womack, Jesse                                Hall, John A.
TOTTY, Jno. W.                            Cary, Seth
GAGE, Ben                                    Lemons, S. A.
Morris, J. T.                                     Booher, Dora
TILLMAN, J.                                Underhill, James
Wilcox, Jacob                                   McDonald, Henty T. (Heirs)
Deck, John (Heirs)                            Singletary, J. S. (I. S.]
Ticknor, Isaac                                   Box, M. R.
Carleton, Geo. W.     TOTTY, F. M.
Beck, Caroline                                  Loe, S.
Gillespie, John D.                              Hunter, J. C.
Clark,  Robt. F.                                 Marrs, B. G.
Jones, A. J.              TOTTY, L. H.
Howard, Jno. Q. A.                          Campbell, D. H.
Cook, THos. J.                                 Read, B. S.
Rorabacker?, C. A.                           Tatum, M. B.
Keegan, Wm.                                    Ralston, Joseph
Anderson, W. D.                               Riddles, C. A.
Leatherman, Nancy     TRAYLER, J. A.
Blue, Hector                                      Bell, Bluford
White, James B.                                 Pyle, Jas. T. (Heirs)
Masoner, T. J.                                   Gibbs, Lewis C. (Heirs)
Reed, M. F.                                       Hibberts, J. C.
Jones, Wm. F.                                    Riddle, Abner
Reed, Edwards                                   Pea, A.
Pruitt, S. T.                                         Miller, Mary
McCracken, D. P.                              Wilson, I. C.
Bryant, J. M.                                      Freeman, R. C.
Dennis, C. E.                                      Latham, J. H.
Hibbert, Wm. P.                                 Day, Eli
Stephens, Jno. H.                               Clement, S. E.
Hardy, J.                                            Cook, Franklin
McCracken, Jno. V.                           Oliver, Robert (Heirs)
McCracken, A. V.                             Millard, Robert. F. (Heirs)
Hancock, L.                                       Haynes, Jno. W.
Lott, John                                           Merritt, Jas. M.
Hodge, H. E.                                      Fincher, J. W.
Cowley, M. O.                                   Floyd, R. W.
Cline, W. A.                                       Farris, Daniel
Mansfield, G. W.                                Cuthbertson, J. S.
Mabry, ? A.                                        Finley, Mrs. E. L.
Ward, J. W.                                        Heath, Jeremiah
Miller, H. C.                                        Dobbins, W. R.
Thompson, C. C.                                 Norman, William
Rhone, T. C.                                        Marlett, Frank
Weeks, Jno. C.                                    Carter, James
Sturrock, Jno                                       Brown, Harriett
Lowery, E. J. W.                                 Sheild, Mason
Prissick, Wm.                                      Anglin, Drury
Hash, I. F. M.                                     Bond, Wm.
Shields, Wm. J.                                  Bond, W.
White, J. F.                                         White, James F.
Christopher, J. H.                                Ellis, Z. T.
Beck, S. B.                                        Masonel, T. J.
Hopkins, Jas.                                       Scott, R. R.
Erwin, J. W.                                        Moore, A. M.
Ticknor, Isaac (Heirs)                          Follett, A.
Hudson, Waid H.                                 Gilliam, Richard
Jackson, J. D.                                      Jackson, Geo. R.
Donaldson, E.                                      Hutson, W. H.
BEAN, Wm.                                       Wilson, Robert
Cheser, Jas. M.                                   Warwick, Richard (Heirs)
Elliott, William                                     Waggoner, George
Braden, Henry                                     Bostick, Solomon
Shanker, J.                                          Allen, Wm. H.

Notes:  Hopefully this will help some of you who are following along with the diaries of Rhoda Spradling TOTTY, wife of F. M. TOTTY, & mother of Jno. W. TOTTY listed above.

1859 Montague County, Texas Petition

submitted by TOTTY researcher Johnnye C. TOTTY
Notes:  This Petition was signed by our TOTTY families, if you go to the above linked site, you can see actual images of the signatures.  Don't forget to come back by clicking on the back button on your browser.

Census Records

1860 Montague County Texas Census

                            Montague Co. taken 8 Aug 1860  by J. HJ. Johnson Asst, Marshal, P.O. - Montague

Given name
State born
Joe B.
Rocena C.
Tabitha B.
W. C.
Elizabeth C.

Note:  Matilda _[possibly Savage]_ ANDERSON, is mentioned by Rhoda Spradling TOTTY, wife of Capt.F. M.  TOTTY, in her diaries.  William C. TOTTY is the brother of Capt. Francis Marion TOTTY husband of Rhoda Spradling TOTTY who are living in Cooke Co., TX in the 1860 Census.

F. M. TOTTY Co 'E', Bourland's Reg't Texas Cavalry.
(Bourland's 'Border" Regiment)
Captain / Captain

1864 May  Military Records  (Confederate - Texas - Bourland's Reg't, Cav.Transcribed by Carolyn Welch.)
F. M. TOTTY, Capt, Co. E.
Regimental Return dated May 1864.
Roll Call:    Present
Remainder is blank
Signature at bottom is W. A. Roxby, Copyist

1864 June   Military Records  (Confederate - Texas - Bourland's Reg't, Cav.Transcribed by Carolyn Welch.)
F. M. TOTTY, Capt, Co. E.
Regimental Return dated June, 1864.
Roll Call:    Present
Remainder is blank
Signature at bottom is W. A. Roxby, Copyist

1864  August     Military Records  (Confederate - Texas - Bourland's Reg't Cav. Transcribed by Carolyn Welch)
F. M. TOTTY, Capt, Co. E.
Regimental Return dated August 1864
Roll Call:    Present
Station       Victoria Peak
Rest is blank
Signature at bottom is W. A. Roxby, Copyist

1864 September  Military Records  (Confederate - Texas - Bourland's Reg't, Cav.Transcribed by Carolyn Welch)
F. M. TOTTY, Capt, Co. E
Regimental Return dated Sept 1864
Roll Call:    Absent
Station:      Victoria Peak
Remarks:    Absent on detail to sow wheat
Signature at bottom is J. W. Wilkinson, Copyist

1864 October  Military Records  (Confederate - Texas - Bourland's Reg't Cav. Transcribed by Carolyn Welch)
F. M. TOTTY, Capt, Co E
Regimental Return dated October, 1864
Roll Call:  Present
Station:    Montague
Rest is blank
Signature at bottom is B. R. Stough, Copyist

1864 November  Military Records (Confederate - Texas - Bourland's Reg't, Cav.Transcribed by Carolyn Welch.)
F. M. TOTTY, Capt, Co. E.
Regimental Return dated Nov 1864
Roll Call:    Absent
Station:      Victoria Peak
Remarks:    Absent with leave since Nov 21, 1864.
Signature at bottom is B. R. Stough, Copyist

Capt. F. M. Totty's Men Kill Three Indians.   Capt. F. M. TOTTY moved his compay from Camp TOTTY, where the present town of Forestberg now stands, to Victoria Peak, now called Queen's Peak, in Montague County.   Indians were discovered early in the morning, and in a short time fifteen or twenty rangers were on their trail, and overtook the savages killing a beef, in a little brushy hollow leading to Denton Creek, about eight miles south of Montague. When the rangers made a surprise attack, the Indians scatered like quail. One Indian was cut off from his crown, and continually blew his whistle for help. But he was soon killed. Two other Indians were also killed, and horses and much of the Indians equipment recovered.
Rick Steed Note: Author interviewed: W. A. (Bud) Morris and Joe Bryant, living in Montague County at the time. The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.   Fort Tour Systems, Inc. 817.377.3678
Submitted by Rick Steed - Email: who gave permission to place on TOTTY Roots web pages.

1865 January  Military Records  (Confederate - Texas - Bourland's Reg't Cav.Transcribed by Carolyn Welch.)
F. M. TOTTY, Capt, Co E.
Regimental Return dated January, 1865.
Roll Call:  Present
Station:    Victoria Peak
Rest is blank
Signature at bottom is B. R. Stough, Copyist

1870 Montague County Texas Census
No Totty families found in Montague yet for 1870 census records researched.

1870  May 25th  DEED   [Transcribed Feb. 21, 2001 by Cyndy Myers.]
The State of Texas
County of Montague
                                  Plat and Field Notes of a survey of 100 Acres of land made for John W. Totty, it being the quantity of land to which he is entitled by virtue of the accompanying affidavit made in accordance with an act supplementary to an act for the benefit of actual occupants on the Public vacant lands approved May 26th 1870.
     Said survey is situated in Montague County on the waters of Denton Creek about 13 ½ miles SHE from the town of Montague.
     Beginning at the E. Corner of James Edward's survey of 160 acres of land. Thence S 45 E 882 r to a state (sic) set in the NW B line of 640 acres in name of Jesse Warmach Thence N 45 E with said line 1189 r. the N Corner of same Thence N 45 W with the SW B line on sur no 33 made for E.T.R.R.Co 482 r to a stake set in the SE B line of 1920 acres survey in the name of S.T. Brown from whence a P.O. Mkd V.brs. S 45 W m rs.   Thence S 45 W with said T Browns line at 589 r. S. Cor of same   Thence n45 W 560 r. set a stake in valley the East corner of a survey in name of S.F. Sparks of 85 acres from which a Double P.O mkd V br S 83 ½ E 54 rs.  Thence S 45 W with S.E. B. line of Said Sparks survey 600 rs. Set a stake in the N.E. B. line of said Edwards survey from which an Elm marked X br. N2Ws rs.   Thence S 45 E with said line 150 rs. The place of beginning.
Surveyed May 12th 1875
                                        Benjamin Gage \
                                        Frank M. Totty /  Chainmen
(Note in margin of ledger at the beginning of the Thences: File 1010 Jno. W. Totty)

J P. S. Hogg, County Surveyor Montague County do hereby certify that the foregoing survey was made by me according to Law and that the limit boundaries and corners and marks, natural and artificial are truly and correctly described.  Thay (sic) by actual measurement upon the ground the distance from the S. e. B. line of James Edwards survey is 882 rs and that there is not upon the ground any conflict between the Jesse Warmach and the S.T. Brown survey.  That the corners of the Brown and Warmack are to be found and that they correspond with their calls.
Recorded in Book C. pages 80 & 81.
     Given under mu hand at my office in the town of Montague on this the 28th day of May A.D. 1875
                                                                     P.S. Hogg
                                                                     Co. S. M. Co
Transcribed and Submitted by TOTTY researcher  Cyndy Myers

1875 September 11th   DEED  [Transcribed by Cyndy Myers Feb. 21, 2001. Note:  For those who may not know Spanish, vara is the same as rod in English.  You will find the same word used in the Spanish Reina-Valera 1602 Translation Psalm 23:4 "Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."]
The State of Texas
County of Montague
                                 Know all men by these presents that we John W. Totty and Mary Matilda Totty, (his wife) for and in consideration of services rendered us by Bobtt Bean-and the further consideration of ten dollars and seventy five cents in cash paid, the receipt hereby acknowledged, have this day granted, bargained, sold alienated and conveyed to Robt Bean of Montague County, the following described tracts or parcels of Land, "to wit", first, Beginning at the South corner of the S. T. Brown 1920 acre survey.      - --Thence S 45 E 482 vrs. a stake in the N.W. B. line of 640 acres survey in the name of Jesse Wormack - Thence N 45 E 589 varas the north corner of the Jesse Wormack. - Thence N 45 W 482 vrs. a stake in the S.E. B. line of the S.T. Brown 1920 acre survey. -Thence S 45 W 589 varas to the Beginning.-Second.  Beginning at the E corner of the James Edwards 160 acre survey - Thence N 45 E 600 vars a stake in S.W. B. line, of S.T. Brown 1920 acre survey - Thence N 45 W 150 varas a stake whence double P.O. marked V brs S 83 ½ E 54 varas Thence S 45 W 600 varas, the N.E.B. line of the James Edwards survey, a stake whence an Elm marked + brs N2W3 varas-Thence S 45 E 150 varas, to the place of Beginning. - together with any and all improvements thereon belonging, or in any wise appertaining thereunto, to
have and to hold the same, and we do hereby bind ourselves heirs, assigns, administrators and executors, to moment and forever, defend the title to the above and foregoing described premises to the said Robt Bean his heirs or assigns against the claim or claims of any person or persons whomsoever, claiming the same or any portion thereof, in through or under us.-Given
under our hand and seals using scrawls by way of seal this Sept 11th 1875
                                                                    J W  Totty  (Scrawled Seal)
                                                                   M M her X  mark Totty (Scrawled Seal)
Transcribed and Submitted by TOTTY researcher Cyndy Myers

1876 May   DIARY  Rhoda (Spradling) TOTTY started writing in her diaries that spanned 22 years and ended in April 1899 in Montague County.  She is buried in the Old Totty/Bean Cemetery on original land that was patented to her son John Whitfield TOTTY.   see Diary of Rhoda Spradling TOTTY.   She talks about many of the local Montague Co. citizens and families.

1880 Montague County, Texas Federal Census
HH# 449/450
MARS, Ruben WM 28 frm TX TN TN
Ellen               WF  27 wf   TN GA GA
Mary               WF   8  dau TX TN TN
Sophia            WF   7  dau TX TN TN
John                WM 4  son TX TN TN
Drury              WM  2  son TX TN TN
Van                 WM  6 mos TX TN TN

Notes:  [BTM}Seems to me that "Drury" would be the same as Robert D. MARRS listed in the 1900 census of Cooke Co. along with his brother Ivan "Van" MARRS.   Another interesting note is regarding John MARRS listed as age 2, may be
the same who married Laura LIGHT, sister of Rosa Ellen LIGHT TOTTY, in Montague Co., on February 25th, 1894.
Rosa Ellen LIGHT and Laura LIGHT were the daughter's of William Henry and Nancy Ann (Handy) LIGHT.   They had migrated from Arrarat, Patrick County, Virginia around 1875.  William Henry LIGHT was the son of James and Lucinda
(Hall) LIGHT who married on September 17, 1840 in Patrick Co., VA.   William Henry LIGHT bought a farm on Clear Creek near the "Settles Crossing" and begin farming after he came to Texas from Patrick Co., VA around 1875.  He and his wife Nancy Ann (Handy) had three children.  Laura, Rosa Ellen and Noah A. LIGHT, along with two other little girls who died
young.   Laura later married William BUSH and moved to Waurika, Oklahoma.  Rosa Ellen married Albert Lelam TOTTY and later moved to Jal, New Mexico.  Noal LIGHT married Ludecia GIBSON, moved to Ardmore and later to Elida, New Mexico where he died.  Lucinda Anne GIBSON was born and died in Rosston, Cooke Co.

6th District
HH # 56/56
LANIER, Thos. D.     WM  30 farmer  AL - AL
            Mary Ann      WF  24  wife TX IN GA
               Wm. C.      WM  2  son TX AL TX
              Thos. J.       WM 5 mos son TX AL TX
WELLS, Wm. E.      WM 18 bro.  TX IN GA
LANIER, Daniel J.     WM  20 bro. LA - AL

HH # 57/57
LANIER, Phebe D.    WF 30 (wid) TX AL GA
               Mary E.     WF 11 dau  TX AL TX
             Dicy Ann      WF  8 dau  TX AL TX
                John A.     WM 1 son  TX AL TX
Notes:   BTM] Mary E. LANIER was married to Charles W. SPENCER son of Edmond Griffin & Matilda SPENCER SPENCER both Cousins of Rhoda SPRADLING TOTTY according to her diary.

HH# 58/58
LOWERY,Thos. J.    WM 31  farmer   TX AL AL
                   Sarah     WF 22  wife      AL AL AL
       Mary Texanna     WF  4   dau      TX TX AL

Notes:  BTM] Thomas J. LOWERY married Sarah LANIER on Jan 3rd 1875 according to marriage records of Montague Co.   Sarah was most likely the sister of the above Thos. D. and Daniel LANIER above and also to the widow Phebe D. LANIER who had a daughter that married Rhoda's SPENCER family line.

skip to HH# 61/61
LANE, Wade W.      WM 36  farmer TN VA TN
          Josephine       WF  20  wife   TX MS MS
             Dorinda        WF  8    dau  TX TN TX
            Franklin        WM  8 mos son TX TN TX

Notes:   BTM] Could this likely be the "Lane" that is with John W. TOTTY in many places in Rhoda's diary.

HH# 62/62
ALLEN, Wm. T.      WM 33 farmer MS TN AR
    Elizabeth S.?       WF  32 wife GA NC NC
             Luvena       WF   8  dau  AR GA MS
          Ulius Rol?      WM  7 son   AR GA MS
         Jessie W.       WM  5  dau  AR GA MS
      Nora Ann E.       WF  2  dau  TX GA MS
         Garrett M.       WM 2  don  TX GA MS

Notes:  BTM]  Could this likely be the "Allen" that Rhoda is talking about in her diary?

HH# 63/63
WALKER, Daniel    WM 42  farmer (wid)  NC NC NC
      Malissa Ann      WF  10  dau  TX NC MO
      Mary Isabel       WF   8   dau  TX NC MO
    James Henry       WM  6   son  MO NC MO
            Wm. F.       WM  4   son  TX NC MO
           Oliver C.       WM  2   son  TC NC MO
NEWSOM, Joseph S.  WM 16  farmer MS MS MS
Notes:   BTM] Mary Jane WALKER, daughter of Francis D. & Martha KUYKENDAL WALKER married Harrison LANIER, I wonder how or IF they are related to the above LANIER's.   Mary Jane had a brother Andrew J. WALKER who Rhoda spoke of in her diaries with some dislike.  Other families in this neighborhood were named BRIDGES.  Rachel WALKER another daughter of F.D. & Martha was married to Joseph BRIDGES.   The BRIDGES families were also found in Sebastian County, AR.  One more daughter of F. D. & Martha WALKER was Francis Virginia who married a Newton Isaac ALLEN.   Sorta ties the above names together with the TOTTY families a little.  Birdie (Totty) McNutt

Letter from Capt. and Rhoda TOTTY to son
John Whitfield TOTTY

[front page]
                       Decatur Texas
                       Decr the 7th 1882
J. W. Totty
            Dear Son I recd your Letter
a few days ago and send this in
reply as to your Question in
regard to the Robt Hunter tract
of Land   It was all Sold last
winter for five Dollars per Acre
there has been considerable improve
ment put on it   there is two
tracts improved on it [can not read rest of line]
and the other 320 acres   the 480 acres
can now be bought for ($3,000)
there is 400 Acres of Land off the S. T. Brown
surv in clerden the mouth of the little
dry valley that can be had for \$1200)
I consider it the best bargin
to be had in Land in my Knowing
this country is filling very fast
and if all the years were like this
it would be a good place for
Your Doctor as the country is very
much in need of a good one

[back page]
there has been a heep of Sickness
mostly Billious Fever Chills and Fever
and I am not much fatality
We are none of us Well   was dangerous
ly Sick me and your Mother are both
having Fever occasionally   Pea is
having the third day Chills the
Cotton Crop is Short on the bottom
[next line too dark to read, old tape mark
where it had been repaired]
North here $50oo Wheat $100 ......8=9&10 Cents
and very Scarce at that ......... as I am
in a Hurry now   I will close and
your Mother can give the family
        Paternally yours
              F. M. Totty

John your pap said I would give you the family news
There is none to give that is good   every body in Denton is sick or
has been   Franks little Edit died on the 5th of Nov that is all
the death we have had in the connection   I am feeling badly
wish some times I had never seen Denton Creek   I think
I will quit and write you a good one after a while
So no more at present
           Your Mother

Letter transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt for Totty Roots mailing list

Notes:  [BTM]Here is my transcription of a copy of letter written to John Whitfield TOTTY from his father F. M. Totty with additional note from his mother Rhoda TOTTY.   Captain TOTTY has a beautiful handwritting and shows that he must have been a well educated gentleman.   Copy of letter was obtained from Leon Barker descendant of Rebecca Jane TOTTY BARKER.

Letter from Lillie TOTTY to brother
John Whitfield TOTTY

John   Dear Brother I thought I would
write you afeu lines  pap and Mother
has wrote about all the news
we are going Decator tomorrow with
one bail of Cotton which is mine
they all look like deth in the Primer
excep me and I am in as good helth
as I ever was in my life  Frank and
Mollie has moved  thear baby Lena
Poor little Edith we all miss her sadly
she was sick over three months
so I will Close as it is time
to get supper love to all
      I remain as ever your -siter-[line drawn through]
sister Lilie Totty

transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt 

Note:  JKW]  Letters written while Melvil A Wall was going to school to get teaching certificates. By this time the couple had three small children: Ola -b. 1895; Gaynell - b.1897; Jack - b.1899. Their home was in Res, Texas,  near Forestburg, Montague Co.

St. Joe   Tex5-15- '99
             Dear wife
I am here going to school and that is about all I can tell you just now.
      I have a good boarding place and just only moderately lonesome.
  I hope I can come home Sat. but cant tell yet you know.
      Tell the boys to stay with the cockleburrs and grass.
        I will expect an answer by Friday.
If you have no stamps there is an envelope in the dictionary.
Hoping you are well and asking you to kiss the babies for me
and I will kiss you when I come
                     I am yours
                   Melville W


                                         Res, Tex    May 14  '99
                                                     Dear  husband
I will write in ans to yours      We are all well        Your ma went
home with Nora Sunday eve       was getting along very well yesterday
I am glad you like your boarding place and you must not let yourself
get lonesome.    The boys are getting along very well with their
plowing.   they have plowed the cane and all the cotton that is large
enough to plow.   And are ready to commence plowing corn in the
     Aunt Lou and Aunt Rose spent the day with me yesterday and
aunt Rose is still here   So you see I dont have time to get very
     I was lonely Sunday night     I had a big mess of  I(?jkw) potatoes
for dinner yesterday and have got one for tomorrow     You ought
to be here to help eat them
     Well all the rest have gone to bed and little Jack is crying so I will
have to close        come Sat if you can
            Lovingly Yours
                               Minnie W.
P.S. and write if you dont come

Note-JKW]  Melvil's mother was Mary Prather Wall & went home with her daughter, Willie Nora Totty, wife of Robert "Bud" Totty,  brother to Minnie.
Aunt Lou (Wilson) was wife of John Prather, brother to Mary Prather Wall.  Her daughter, Lina, was married to another brother of Minnie's - Pird Totty. Aunt Rose is maybe a Prather????? 
BTM]  Most likely Minnie W. had a "mess of Irish potatoes" for dinner. My grandparents and parents made that same statement many times.

St Jo           May - 23 - '99

        Dear Minnie
Again I will say that I am still living and doing well.  I have not
got a whipping yet and am learning some I guess.  I had a nice
time coming up Sun.   Jim came up in about 2 or 2 1/2 miles of
town with me and I walked about 1/2 mile and rode with Mr. Gass
of Forestburg the rest of the way.

      They are going to have an exhibition here at the end of the school
and that is all I can hear now.   They are practicing all the time and
as there is one organ and one piano in the school it is a continual
pound   pound   all the time.    Our room is not taking much hand
in the business so you see it does not "pesticate" me any.

     It rained some here last night but did not amount to much.
Tell the boys I felt for them yesterday when that sun was shining
so hot but could not reach "em".

     Write soon.  Kiss the babies for me, and take care of yourself
until I come
                                           Forever true

Letters from M. A. Wall to his wife Minnie Ellen (Totty) Wall

Note: JKW]- Melvil Wall is still working toward his teaching certificates and
 is now going to school in Bowie, Montague Co. Texas.-

                     Bowie   June 26  --'99
                Dear wife
I am here after a hard hot drive yesterday and have been up to the school and we have organized and will go to business in the morning.  I am not well to day but hope to be in the morning.
     We have a nice boarding place and it costs me $10 per month.  I have not seen anyone except J.B. Whaley of Montague whom I knew but have gotten acquainted with several new ones.
     Hoping you and the babies are well and asking the same blessing for myself
                         I am as ever
                              Melville Wall

Bowie Texas

July 3 - '99
Dear wife
     After waiting one week for an answer I will write you one more time hoping you will think of me often enough to ans. just one if no more.
     I would be very glad to know just how you are getting along and I have no other way of learning just now.
     I am busy very busy but I still have time to think of you some time and I think a word of encouragement from the one whom I love above all others would help me to go through the trying ordeal of the next three weeks and enable me to come nearer doing my duty as husband to the ideal of my life.

     Tell the boys to plow the cotton over one more time after the rain of the 2nd and I think that will do.   Tell them to use those large sweeps on the cultivation and break the middle with a large heelsweep.
     I was out to Salona yesterday and had a nice time and also saw Walter A.
I do not know when I can come home as we have school on Saturday and I do not have time to come home and get back.

     Hoping you will remember that if there is anything that can compensate me for my long absence from your side it would be the pleasure of reading a few lines from you - the dearest of all dears.
                    LV    Melville.

Note: JKW]-  from Rex Wall, grandson of M.A. & Minnie Ellen Totty - "Walter A,
I believe, will be Cousin Walter Adams.  He came to the Willow (Greer Co. OK) area before 1898.  Walter moved to Cordell (OK) in '30's and died there.  He must have been visiting that week when Grandad Wall saw him. Cousin Walter Adams may have been the son of J.J. or T.J. Adams and the nephew of Elizabeth Adams Wall, wife of John Jeffries Wall.  The older Wall's were grandparents of Grandad Wall who lived in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi."

Letter from Minnie (Totty) Wall to husband Melville Wall

Res Texas    July 4  '99

Dear husband

I will try to write you again this morning    we are all very well     Gay sick Sunday and a little puny all day yesterday but seems to be all right this morning
     We had a fine rain here sunday     the creek got up a right smart Ever thing looks very well     Pird says the corn is turing yellow in that Grassy new land by the garden
     There is a picnic at Uz today and Pird has gone to it     he fixed fence yesterday and guess they will commence plowing to morrow if it is not too wet    The  children commenced hoeing yesterday eve.

     Brother Lauderdale is holding at Forestburg this week    Uncles folks are tending it pretty regular
     Well I heard you got out to Joes Saturday so I guess you was not very lonesome Sunday and got to see Cousin Walter before you got my letter
     I stayed at home all day just the children and I and wondered what you were doing for pastime
     How do you like your school by this time     but hope you will be here to ans. that
     Pa stayed with me Saturday night     Estelle and Caryl think they are going to get off to Greer in a bout two weeks
     Well I will close for this time     hoping to here from you but had rather see you     be of good cheer and learn your lessons well and come to see us when you can
                            With best love       Minnie

 PS    Tuesday eve    We are having another big rain this evening it has rained a considerable Shower and is still raing as hard as it can pour down I guess  it has rained the picnic out

Note: JKW]- Gay (Mary Gaynell) is 2 1/2 years old.  Minnie's younger brother Pird
{Lembert Purdy} Totty is 20 yrs and single.  I'm not sure who 'Uncle' is in Forestburg  or Joe in Salona. Minnie's "Pa" is Lewis H. Totty.  Estelle is one of Minnie's younger sisters,  who with her husband Cal {David Carroll} Prather, will soon  move to Greer  County.  This area later will be part of Oklahoma and much of  the Wall-Totty-Prather connected family will be living there.
Cal Prather is a son of John Prather and Lou Wilson and it is his sister, Lina Lou Prather, who will eventually marry Pird Totty.-

1899 July 6th  Letters from MA WALL to Minnie TOTTY WALL-July 1899

                                         Bowie  Tex
                                          July 6__'99

Dear Minnie
     I received your letter yesterday and it is needless for me to say
how glad I was to read one more letter written "All by you".
     I understand  now why it was so long coming.  I have just been
up town and thought I would write you a few of my thoughts before
going to work for the evening.
     I am having a nice time but would have a much nicer time were you
here with me for I do miss you  so much.

     I believe the most inspiring act of my life is folding you to my breast
and feeling our hearts beat as one and I do sincerely hope the time may
soon come when I can again experience such complete happiness.
     It seems as though I have begun corting you again but I believe the
old saying that - " Absence causes a mans heart to beat more true"
Of course I do not think that I can love you any more than I did when
I first folded you in my arms and called you mine but if ever there has
been a time in my life when I fully realize how dear you are to me it is

     I would give anything of which I am the possesor just to hold you
in my arms to night and have one more happy dream as I have so many
times  in the past.   Excuse me if I am too sentimental for I am writing
what I feel and "From the abundance of the Heart the mouth speaketh".

              Sun down and I must close
                             Lovingly           Melville

                                                  Res Tex  July 6  '99
Dear Melville
     Will write to you to let you know how we are
getting a long
Gay is still sick      she was rite sick yesterday but seemed some better
     I have givin her some Tablet and she is broke out just as thick as
she can be      she looks like she had the measles    I recon it is some
kind of rash     she has cried with it itching a rite smart today  but hope
she will be better by morn       She play's part of the time
     Dont be uneasy about her      if she gets worse I will have the Doctor
to come to see her and will let you know also.

     We had the biggest rain here the fourt I ever seen     the creek was
higher than it was the spring Charley lived  here      It has washed the
corn down a right smart
      I have not been down to it      The brush all washed away along the
fence by the big road and Bingham is allmost impassible     Bob came
over this morning in a wagon and said he bogged down the at the corner
of Mrs Allens field       Pird said he did not think it would be dry enough
to plow before to morrow eve.

     I rec your letter the fourth     was sorry you thought I was not going
to wite to you      I ans your letter on thursday but Mr King did not take
it out of the mail and It did not go off till Saturday     So dont think
I dont want to write you any more for I think of you more than any thing
else in this world and know you wold like to be here with us       and if
there is anything I can do to encourage you  I am more than willing to
do it.

I hoped you could come Saturday but if you can not I will to wait a while
longer to see you
     But remember that It will be a pleasure to me when you come
But do what you think best and it will be all right with me

            Yours until death shall part us

Cousin Walter eat dinner with me yesterday and told me about seeing you.

Note JKW]  - A red flower was pressed in this letter;  looks like it was a rose.
Two & 1/2 year old Gay may have had the chicken pox.  Walter is Walter Adams, a cousin of Melville's.  Bob was probably Robert "Bud" Totty, Minnie's brother.  Does anyone know Charley and  Mrs. Allen?        At one time, Lewis H TOTTY was a board member for the school at Bingham.  Now there is a good size creek by that name between Forestburg and Rosston.

Bowie    Texas

July the 12 - '99
Dear Minnie
         I suppose you thinking I am not going to write any more
and I have just one excuse to offer and that is that I did not  get
here untill Monday noon and have been so busy since that  I have
not had time for writing   but I have thought of you often       and
will now avail myself of the opertunity to write you a few words.

        We have had the State Superentendant with us this evening
and he gave us a fine lecture;    he is a fine man but he is not any
better looking than I {underlined-jkw} am
         Did old fan come home and when?         I do not know
anything  to write and so I will close by saying that I would be
glad to hear from  you at any time  and  asking you to remember
me as your own loving
                                                            Melville Wall

Note- JKW]   What was "old fan" - a horse, mule, cow??? 

1899 July 13th  Letters  MA WALL & Minnie TOTTY WALL :July 13-18,1899

                                                     Res Texas
                                                      July 13  '99
Dear Melville
        I will write you again        This leaves all
well       I am a little tired as I have   Just finished
         Well the next news is Bud and Nora have
another girl as black headed as I am
They are doing nicely    was born the 10.
          Well old Fan has not come in yet
Pird went to hunt her Tuesday but did not
find her      she was at Joes Monday night  and
Jim ran her off towards home     Pird started
to look for her again this morning and if he
does not find her you had just as well hunt
you a new boarding place

          Pird plowed in the cotton yesterday eve
It has not rained any more since Sunday
          Ola wants to know if I am going to write
to papa and tell him to come see his girl again
Pa stayed with me Sunday night and went to
see uncle Willie Monday morning to see if he
could trade for old Barney
            Well I will close
                be a good boy and write soon
               come to see us if you can
                    Yours lovinly      Minnie W

Note- JKW]   Ola Avis is the oldest  Wall child - almost 4 years old.  Minnie's brother, Robert (Bud) Totty and Melville's sister, Willie Nora Wall,  are the parents of another girl, who they named Oma  Their first daughter was Clara, born 1897.  Sometime before the year , 1899, was out baby Oma died. 


                                                  July 15  '99
Dear Melville
     Will write you and send letter rec Thursday
and uncle John said tell you he would come to
Bowie Friday eve the 21 and you and him could
go to Montague Saturday
      Also said he would write Smith and Walker that
you and him would be there

       Well old Fan put in her appearance to day
about 12 o clock
        Pird went to Joes thursday     hunted for her till
last night and did not find her     Cha(r)ley and Eva
came over yesterday eve      stayed with us last night
and are still here and Charley seen her  the other side
of Uz Wednesday      He went  to hunt her again this
morning and got nearly to Uz and heard that Cousin
Cal had brought her to Forestburg       he turned her
loose at the Burg      she was just grazing around and
Bud brought her  to the Evergreen     turned her loose
Pird found  her as he came back in lane between here
and Mrs  Hicks just eating away like she did not have
any home and did not care if she didn't      Well you
have got the History of her travels  you see.

      We are all well      Ola is over at Estelle's
Pa had another chill Thursday and is not well yet
       Maude and Bill are going home with Charley
they aim to start back Monday
                       Ever Yours
                                Minnie Wall

Enc. letter typed on WHITE ROSE stationery with letterhead of:
    SMITH & WALKER                              D.M. Smith
Lawyers  &  Land Agents                         Levi Walker
      Montague,     Tex.

July 11,  1899
Dear Sir:-
                   If you will be up here say on Thursday of next
week, the 20 of this month with witnesses, and we suppose
that you and Prater will be sufficient,  we can dispose of your
case.    If you  cannot come then let us know when you can come
so that we may be ready.
                      Very truly,
                                     Smith   &   Walker.

Note - JKW]   'Uncle' John  Hugh Prather was brother to Melville's mother,
Mary(Molly) Prather Wall,  and the father of  'Cousin' Cal (David Carroll) Prather.  Cal was married to Minnie's sister, Estelle Totty.  Bud and Pird Totty  were Minnie's brothers and Pa, of course, was Lewis H. Totty.    The others I am not sure of, tho Melville did have a cousin Maude Adams.    Obviously everyone in the county knew Old Fan by sight.

                                                 Bowie   Texas
                                                        July 16 - '99
Dear Minnie,
         After another delay of some time I will attempt to write
you a few lines.
          I have just got in from Joes and have found all my people
gone to preaching so I am alone and at liberty to think of you
as long as I please without interruption.     I would be Oh! so glad
to have just one kiss from you to night and enjoy your company
instead of making a vain attempt to tell you how glad I would be
to see you.
          If you miss me as much as do you;   I am indeed sorry for
you; but just remember that one  more long (underlined) week
and I am coming home to you "My life and love".(underlined)

           We have just 8 more days of school and then the
"Zamination" comes off and it will be 3 days.
           Of course I hope to make it all wright - but still I am
dreading it.   It is going to be one of the most rigid examinations
that has ever been in Montague County and I may fail so I just
guess I had better ask you to pray while I work and maybe
we will make it all right - Eh!

           I hope old Fan has come in ere this for I  am just about
up on boarding away from you and the babies.
      I received your letter Sat. and of course  you know how glad
I was to hear from you;  for  that is next to seeing you and you
know that is the happiest moment of my life.
           I do not know whether I will write anymore or not for
I will have all I can do without loosing anytime for anything
and then you do not like for me to bother you so much anway.
Do you?  Yes you do:  I know you would read a letter from
me every day;  but I just wanted to tease you just a little.  Now
laugh and love me better than you did.  Well I will close before
you get mad and write me not to come home atall.
            Write to me often and kiss yourself for me and I will come
soon to see my darling gray eyed little wife.

                                                                Melville Wall


                                           Res  Tex    July 18 '99
Dear Melville
              Well  here I am again but hope this will be the last one
for a while any way for I am anxious to stay with my darling for
awhile     We are all well but little Melville (Jack) he has a bad cold.
            Pa is still sick       I am afraid he is taking  the fever 
he has ot had any Doctor unless he sent for one to day    I want 
to go over there this eve     If it dont rain all evening    It rained 
all  the morning but has slowed up a little now
           Uncle John is sick too        I have not heard from him to day
 Leland like to have died last Tuesday and Thursday    both with
something like conjestive chills but was right smart better Sunday
There is lots of sickness around now
           Nora is up and doing well if she dont get to smart    We have
a little calf but have not got it home yet  but will get this eve
              Well  I will close wishing you success  and a speedy
return to your loved ones at home

Note- Five weeks after this letter, on August 22, 1899,  Lewis H Totty
died.  He was 50 years old.  His brother,  Albert Leland Totty, lived to
father 3 sons: John, Paul, and Lewis Totty.  John Hugh Prather died
in 1925 at the age of 78.   Nora Wall and Robert Totty would have 7
more children,  all living to adulthood.
         Melville A. Wall passed his teacher exams and received two
teaching certificates:  One for the Third Class good for one year, issued
August 19, 1899;    and one for the Second Class, good for two years,
issued September 16, 1899.    Both originals were in the "Totty Box".

1900 Nacona, Forestburg & Uz, Montage County, Texas Census Record [Texas Federal Census Microfilm #043-012A-1003603 Montague (part) Montgomery, Morris and Motley Co's.  T623-1659 & 1660]  transcribed and submitted by TOTTY researcher Birdie Totty McNutt.

HH/Last Name/First Name/Relshp/race-sex/dob/yrs married/state of birth/father/mother

Wilson, Silas head WM Apr 1863  33 17  MO TN AL
       Ida  wife   WF  Jun  1864  38  17  TN TN MO
            Eva  dau    WF  Nov 1884 15  S   AR TN TN
         Willie  dau    WF  Jan   1887 13  S   KS MS TN
         Frank  son    WM Apr 1889  11  S  AR MO TN
    Layfayett  son    WM May 1891  9  S   AR MO TN
             Eli   son    WM   Jul  1893  6  S   TX MO TN
          John  son     WM Aug 1897  2   S  AR MO TN
TOTTY, Will         WM July 1881 19  S  TX MO TN
Note:   relationship of the above Will TOTTY was not stated to Silas Wilson and his wife Ida.   This is most likely William Dudly TOTTY, brother of Robert Carroll TOTTY.  see below

TOTTY, Robert  head  WM July 1877  22  4 TX TN TN
               Nora    wife   WF  May 1890 20  4 TX TX MS
              Clara     dau    WF Aug 1897  2    S TX TX TX
Note: Robert is Robert Carroll TOTTY and wife Nora Willie WALL.   Robert was the son of Lewis Henry TOTTY and Louisa Jane WHEELER.  Robert lost his father in death the previous year.   see also Texas Marriage Records

HH# 189/189
TILLMAN, Jason  Head  WM Sep 1852 48 24 TX AL TN
        Mary E.  wife    WF May 1853 47 24 TN TN TN
              Robert     son     WM Aug 1878 22  S  TX TX TN
              Rhoda      dau     WF Mar 1881 19  S  TX TX TN
              Elbert       son     WM Jul  1884  16 S  TX TX TN
                Lillie       dau     WF  Feb1889  11 S  TX TX TN
             Charlie      son      WM Jul 1892    8 S  TX TX TN
Note:  Mary Elizabeth "Betsy" TOTTY married Jason A. TILLMAN in Montague Co. TX, she is mentioned along with her family many times in the Diary of her mother Rhoda SPRADLING TOTTY.   see also Texas Marriage Records

SKINNER, Isaac  Head  WM  Feb 1862 38 7  AR NC AR
        Rhoda  wife    WF  Feb 1863  37 7   TX TX TX
                 Hector  son     WM Mar 1896  4  S  TX AR TX
                 Rhoda  dau     WF  Mar 1898  2  S  TX AR TX
TOTTY, Rebecca boarder WF Jun 1882 17 S  TX TN AR
Note:   Rhoda Ann TOTTY married Isaac SKINNER in Montague Co.o Dec. 15, 1893.  Her half-sister Rebecca Jane TOTTY is living in household with them.  Rody & Becky,  both lost their parents,  John Whitfield TOTTY and Sarah Ellen YANDELL in death in 1889, in Sebastian County, Arkansas

HH#212 Pct 1, West half of Justice Pct 1.
JENNINGS, George               Head   Jan 1839  WM 61  m-39 yrs TN TN TN
Elizabeth                                  wife     July 1844  WF 55  m-39 yrs AR AR AR
Lieu A.                                    dau      May 1883  WF 12 S  TX TN AR
Manson A.                              son      Mar 1889  WM 11 S TX TN AR
John C.                                   son      Jan 1875    WM  25 m-3 TX TN AR
Louciller                                  wife     Feb 1875   WF   25 m-3 TX TX TX
Notes:  George and Elizabeth had another daughter Georgia Anna JENNINGS who married Thomas Albert Rogers in Wise County on August 26, 1885 and their daughter Hattie Lee TOTTY married Green Whitfield TOTTY found in the HH below. Another daughter was Margaret Mary Ann White Jennings who married first to Thomas Leflors on Oct. 14, 1887 also in Wise Co. and after the death of Thomas Leflors on Dec 13, 1910 she married second, as widow Leflors, to Thomas Albert Roger's younger brother William Bethel Rogers.    Elizabeth Caroline (STEPHENS), wife of George, was the daughter of Garrett and Lucinda STEPHENS of Washington Co., AR; and Benton Co., AR.   George JENNINGS was the son of Abner and Cloe Ferris (Lester) JENNINGS of Wilson Co., TN and Benton Co., AR.

HH# 217/219
KELLEY, Otho B   Head  WM Jul    1869  30  D  TN KY KY
                    Jessie    son     WM Mar 1893   7   S   TX TN
TOTTY, Green    Servant    WM Jan 1884   16  S   AR TN AR
Note:  Green Whitfield TOTTY was the brother to the above Rhoda Ann and Rebecca Jane TOTTY.    Mr Kelley had been married to Green's cousin Ada Irene TRAYLOR, daughter of Matilda Jane TOTTY  and her husband Barton A. TRAYLOR.   G. W. TOTTY was my grandfather.  He married Hattie Lee ROGERS in Comanche Co., OK in 1908.

WALKER, Andy     Head WM July 1803  TN --  --
Sarah                       wife   WF  July 1809  TX
Chas W.                  son    WM Oct 1870 TX
Franklin                   son    WM April 1871 TX
Maud P.                  dau    WF   July 1885 TX
Hampton                 son    WM Dec 1887 TX
Carie                        dau    WF  Sep 1890  TX
Note:  Andrew Jackson WALKER is mentioned in the Diaries of Rhoda Spradling TOTTY on numberous occassions in Montague Co.

TIBBETS, Nelson   Head  June 1865
Emily                         wife    Mar 1874
Willie                        D         Jan 1891
Oscar                        S         Mar 1893
Gracie                       D        Mar 1895
Ruth                         D         Nov 1897
Matthew                  S Inf     Apr 1900
Note:  This is likely the son of Silvester TIBBETS and his wife Talethia Ann Reeves daughter of  William Steel and Nancy (TOTTY) REEVES.  Research still in progress. Nancy was the daughter of Robert and Sandal (ANDREWS) TOTTY of Chesterfield Co., VA>, Halifax Co., NC,> and Hickman Co., TN.

HH# 342/342
GAGE, Louisa    Head WF   Aug 1844 56 wid  TN TN TN
           Mary        dau   WF   Jan 1871  29  S     TX TN TN
           Allen         son   WM  Jan 1885  15  S    TX TN TN
           May         dau   WF   May 1887 13  S   TX TN TN
          Nancy       dau   WF  May 1890  10  S    TX TN TN
Note:  This is Sarah Louisa TOTTY GAGE, her husband Ben GAGE had just died in March of 1900 before this census was taken.  He is buried in the Old TOTTY BEAN Cemetery in Forestburg, Montague Co. on the original land patented by John Whitfield TOTTY.
see also Texas Marriage Records

HH# 302/302
TRAYLOR, Bart A. Head WM  Feb 1853 47  25  MO IT MO
                Matilda     wife   WF   Jun  1856 44  25  TN TN TN
     KELLEY Ada     dau    WF   Jun  1877   23  D   TX TN MO
               David         son    WM Sep 1879   21  S   TX TN MO
               John           son    WM Nov 1881  18  S   TX TN MO
                Ida           dau    WF Nov  1884  15  S   TX TN MO
             Allred           son    WM Mar 1887  13  S   TX TN MO
            Oscar            son    WM  Mar 1889  11  S  TX TN MO
           Ulvan            son     WM  Mar 1891   9  S   TX TN MO
            Harry            son     WM  Apr 1893   7   S  TX TN MO
          Charley           son     WM  May 1898  2   S  TX TN MO
KELLY, Jesse        g-son    WM  Mar 1893  7   S  TX
Note:  Ada Irene TOTTY TRAYLOR and her son Jesse are listed in HH with her parents Barton A. TRAYLOR and Matilda Jane TOTTY.  Her son Jesse is also listed in the HH of his father.
see also Texas Marriage Records

WELCH, Mac  Head  WM  Jul 1855  45 16   TX  MO MO
               Lillie  wife     WF Apr 1866  34 16   TX TN TN
              Sallie  dau      WF Feb 1887  13  S    TX MO TX
             Frank   son     WM Nov 1888 11  S  TX MO TX
           Burrell    son     WM Feb 1891   9   S  TX MO TX
              Hella   dau      WF  Feb 1893  7    S  TX MO TX
              Bert     son      WM Jan 1899  1    S TX MO TX
Note:  Mac and Lillie TOTTY Welch lived in Waurika, Jefferson County, Oklahoma on the following 1910 Census, was in  Gray County, Texas for the 1920 Census.  see also Texas Marriage Records and  Monroe County, Missouri

1900 June 11th  CENSUS  Roll 1660, Bk 1, pg 81a Voting Precient #5 June 11, 1900 by William Robertson
WOODS, Rebecca   WF head Oct 1834 65 Wd 7ch 2liv Al NC AL farm
TOTTY, Louis          WM boarder July 1885 14 S AR AR AR farm laborder
Notes:  [BTM]  This most likely is Lewis Phillip TOTTY, the son of John Whitfield and Sarah Ellen (Yandell) TOTTY. He was born August 8th, 1886 in Sebastian County, Arkansas.  He married 1) Nellie Smith and 2) Beatrice Doss in Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK.  No relationship to Rebecca WOODS is known at this time.

1900 Federal Census - Montague County, Nacona Twp Roll 1659, Bk 1
RODGERS, Thomas A. head WM Feb 1866 34 M 15 KY NC NC
Georgana                     wife  WF   Aug 1866 33 N 5 5ch 5liv AR TN TN
Nellie M.                      dau   WF  Jan 1888 12 S TX TN AR
Hattie L.                     dau   WF  Aug 1889 10 S TX TN AR
Maude B.                     dau   WF  Feb 1893  7 S  TX TN AR
Minnie                          dau   WF Sept 1894 5 S   TX TN AR
Laura E.                       dau    WF  Jan 1898  1 S  TX TN AR
Notes:  [BTM] Hattie Lee Rodgers/Rogers is my grandmother, she married Green Whitfield TOTTY, son of John Whitfield TOTTY and Sarah Ellen (Yandell) TOTTY.  My grandmother Georgia Anna (Jennings) RODGERS was the daughter of George W. and Elizabeth Caroline (Stephens) JENNINGS.  Elizabeth C. Jennings was buried in the Montague County Cemetery.  see below.   Thomas Albert RODGERS/ROGERS was the son of Elisha Austin ROGERS and Nancy Ann (Marshall) ROGERS.  Both Elisha and Nancy ROGERS are buried in Wise Co., TX in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery #2, Auora, TX.  Georgia Anna is buried in the Leon Cemetery, Love County, Okla.  Thomas Albert RODGERS is buried in Mission Burial Park, Bexas Co., TX.  He died Oct. 12, 1964 and she dies May 25, 1931.

1900 Montague County, TEXAS Census. Precinct No. 8, SD: 262; ED 59; Sheet 4, page 235 B
Enumerated  June 5th 1900 by Martin L. Scivally
RICHARDSON, Randy head June 1860 37 wd TN TN TN Farmer
 Cornelia       dau Sept 1886  13 TX TN TN
 Jessie            son Dec  1887  12 TX TN TN      farm laborer
 William          son    Dec 1887  12 TX TN TN       farm laborer
  John               son Aug  1889  11 TX TN TN       farm laborer****
 David W.        son May 1893    7 TX TN TN       farm laborer
WILSON, Louisa   mother July 1818  82 wd TN TN TN
Transcribed by Birdie Totty McNutt
Notes:  John Sherrill Richardson shown here is the future husband of Maude Bethel RODGERS and brother in law of Green Whitfield and Hattie Lee (Rodgers) TOTTY.   "Randy" was the nickname for Miranda Adeline (Wilson) RICHARDSON, wife of James W. RICHARDSON and parents of John S. Richardson.  See also Kern Co., CA.

1903 November 28  [Montague Court Records] Divorce filed for W. M. TOTTY and Mattie TOTTY. decreed January 23, 1904.
Submitted by TOTTY researcher Terry Dishman

1902 February 27th  Death of Elizabeth Caroline (STEPHENS) JENNINGS, burial: Montage Cemetery.
Notes:  She was the mother of Georgia Ann JENNINGS ROGERS, and grandmother of Hattie Lee ROGERS TOTTY who married Green Whitfield TOTTY, and also the great grand mother of TOTTY researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt.   Elizabeth Caroline JENNINGS is buried in the Montague Cemetery, Montague Co.   The parents of Elizabeth Caroline Stephens Jennings are Garrett and Lucinda (Unknown) STEPHENS of Denton Co., TX and Benton Co.AR.

1910 Census Precinct 3, Montague Co., Texas. SD13; ED168 S# 9A. Enumerated 26 April, 1910
BARKER, Sam A.      head  MW 33 M1 9 Texas Texas Missouri Laborer Farm
  Rebecca  wife   FW  38 M1 5-5 Texas Texas Texas
  Oma        Dau    FW  8 S             Texas Texas Texas
 Beulah     Dau    FW  6 S             Texas Texas Texas
 Jimmie     Son    MW 5 S             Oklahoma Texas Texas
 Mammie   Dau   FW  3 S             Oklahoma Texas Texas
 Claud        Son   MW 2/12           Oklahoma Texas Texas
Note:   This is Steven Alexander Barker and his wife Rebecca Jane (Totty) and their children.

1910 census for Montague Co Sheet 11A, page 291 H1719
 Jesse M. STUTZMAN    26    married 6 yrs    TX    Ind    Ind
 Lena J.           wife           27    ""    1c/1living    TX    TX   MS        (TOTTY)
 Ellen               dau              5                            TX TX    TX
Note: [Carolyn Welch] Given the data from the 1880 census, it would at least be possible for this Abram? STUTSMAN and wife Elizabeth to be the parents of Jesse.  Does anybody else have info on them?
[BTM] Lena Jewell TOTTY was the daughter of Francis M. and Mollie Springer TOTTY.  She married Jesse Myer Stutzman  in Mobeetie, Wheeler Co., TX on Oct. 7, 1904 just two months before her mother Mollie died.

1911 November 16 [Montague Court Records]  Divorce filed for Hattie TODDY(TOTTY) and W. M. TODDY(TOTTY). Divorced decreed July 15, 1912
Submitted by TOTTY researcher Terry Dishman

2004 December 25th  Newspaper Obit [Star-Telegram] Harold B. Prather    1911 - 2004
Harold B. Prather, 93, a farmer, died Friday, Dec. 24, 2004, in Gainesville.
Funeral: 2 p.m. Monday, Forestburg Church of Christ. Burial: Rosston Cemetery. Visitation: 6 to 7 p.m. Sunday, McCoy Funeral Home, Saint Jo.
Harold was born in Beckham County, Okla., Sept. 11, 1911.
Published in the Star-Telegram on 12/25/2004.
Note:   [SH] Harold B. Prather was the son of Lester Prather.  Lester Prather was my grandmother's brother (Lina Prather Totty).
Submitted by Shirley Harding

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