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Index to Diary of Rhoda Spradling Totty
 transcribed by Birdie Totty McNutt©

(Digging for our Totty Roots and finding the leaves on our Totty genealogy tree)

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The Diary(s) of Rhoda Spradling Totty is provided here for those who are researching the TOTTY and their neighbors and families.   These diaries were written beginning in May of 1876 and continued through April 1899.  The Diaries spanned 22 years of memories, weather reports, births, marriages and deaths by Rhoda May Totty, nee Spradling.   The Diaries are transcribe by Birdie (Totty) McNutt her great great granddaughter from the only complete copy of the original Diaries.     THANK you again for visiting our Web Site!

NOTE:  from Birdie Totty McNutt.   These are exact words as written by my great great grandmother in her own penmanship the only change(s) made are Capital or UPPER Case Letters on mentioned surnames or my comments in brackets [BTM].      The Diary(s) have been in private ownership by the TOTTY family all these years, and have never been published, or copied with the exception of excerpts printed in 1957 in the  "CENTENNIAL Forestburg, Texas a History of Forestburg Cattle and Watermelon Center" [Montague County] .
This is the FIRST time that the Diary(s) have ever been released with permission and "exclusive rights" in their entirety to anyone.    I am very honored to be the one given this priviledge.   I believe these diaries should be Shared by our families to help document and learn about our ancestory and how they lived and died in the 1800's.  I hope to do that by publishing the diaries.   They span 22 years of Rhoda SPRADLING TOTTY's life from May 9, 1876 to her death in April 1899.   Births, deaths, burials, marriages and the weather are documented throughout the books on many families and neighbors in Montague County, Texas.  Rhoda has a unique way of writing her thought's down for us to see what happened on a day to day basis.

NOTE: This copyright© data CAN NOT be reproduced in ANY format for profit or other presentation "without" the express written permission of the the owner and transcriber of these diaries.
Transcribed from Original Diary by Birdie (Totty) McNutt ©1999 to present

NOTE:  see copyright restrictions

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