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  16 Aprl 2009    Guest Book by PathFinder was updated and link corrected.

  14 April 2009   All Totty Web pages partially updated.
07 July 2009      Web Pages updated Stephens Co., OK

     February 2008      Sorry to be so late in updating the web pages.    My husband and I recently sold our home in Texas and are in the process of building a new home.    Living out of boxes and everything is packed away regarding my research.   Hopefully will be back on line and updating the web pages as soon as possible in the mean timekeep enjoying the web pages with your TOTTY family research.

     22 February  2002     Announcement!   The book Tottys and Totty Ties is in the process of being reprinted.  The cost will be approximately $20-25, depending on the total book's to be reprinted or needed.  If you are interested in obtaining or ordering one of these, "limited time offer," book's on the TOTTY family.   Please send message with Subject:  "Totty Book reprint" to:

     02 January 2002   Happy New Year!  Diary of Rhoda Spradling Totty has been updated, along with the Totty Photo gallery.

     25 March 2001   Net Mind Removed from web site, due to Net Mind charging for their service to webmasters now, Addition of Diary for July 1880 of Rhoda Spradling Totty.

     14 November 2000, Corrected bad links to Totty Records on all 194 pages.

     09 Nov 2000   Updated USA marriage records, and header on all web pages

     30  Oct 2000   Added new copyright tree graphic for Totty Roots see above, this graphic will be added to our TR web pages as they are updated.

     29 Oct 2000    Removed tree graphic and updated logo on all web pages to reflect copyrights on all images on our Totty Roots web pages.

     11 Oct 2000   Hurrah!!  Charles Merrin of Rootsweb,  was instrumental in finally getting the TOTTY Roots Mailing List ARCHIVES "REMOVED" from ISearch Search engine, some 16 months after they were originally requested to be removed, due to the June 1999 AUP.   This request was made because RW claimed permanent rights to distribute and redistribute all postings to all mailing lists (previously, mailing listowners at Rootsweb had been permitted to opt whether or not to archive list postings). Because the Totty Mailing List permitted no commercial usage under the terms of its AUP  (Acceptable Use Policy, aka Welcome Letter), Birdie advised Rootsweb that the Totty List Archives must be removed from Rootsweb's server.

     06 Oct 2000  Added NEW Totty Roots Guest Book (courtesy of Phaistos Guest Services)

     02 Oct 2000   Updated Master Index, added Table of Contents for quicker access to our Web Site, added Origin-Etymology of Totty Surname, Updated What's New What's happening, Updated SurnameWeb & RSACi  logos at bottom of Master Index page.

     28 Sept 2000    Updated Web pages; GA & GA-Greene Co, VA & VA-Henrico Co.;  NC & NC-Halifax Co.,  PLUS added BRAND NEW Web Pages for TN counties of Benton, Cannon, Carroll, Henry and Wilson. THEN added a new Web Page for our Visitor's Center. (for those who want to add records, but don't want to join a mailing list)

     25 Sept 2000   Updated Photo Gallery, Family with pictures of William Marion TOTTY's children, submitted by our TOTTY researcher Terry Dishman.

     02 Sept 2000    Added and updated records for AL, KY, MO, NC, VA and WY and much more on TOTTY records web pages.

     14 June 2000   Added new records Web Page for Texas, with Cooke, Gray and Upshur Counties., plus Texas State marriages on the TOTTY families.
      12 June 2000  Added records for Arkansas, Sebastian County, Independence Co., plus Arkansas State marriages on the TOTTY families.  Updated and corrected Sebastian County, Arkansas.

     09 June 2000  USA Marriage Records  Corrected and reformated, additional names entered, see the changes at the following URL;

     08 June 2000  Corrected 2 typo's on USA Marriage Records

     06 June 2000  Added Link's to Records, Link to Marriages records of U.S.A., updated Master Index and Whatsnew

      26 May 2000   updated Master Index and added Jan & Feb 1879 Diaries of Rhoda Spradling Totty.

     19 May 2000 Updated September 1878 diary and corrected links on new web pages.

     19 May 2000  Updated the Diary Web Page, PLUS added 22 NEW web pages for January 1877 through December 1878 for diaries for Rhoda Spradling Totty.  Note:  The months of Oct and Nov 1878 are missing or non existent due to age and deterioration.

     17 May 2000 Correction for link to Oct 1876 diary

     10 May 2000  Added Diary of Rhoda Spradling Totty - May 1876 through Dec 1876.

     07 May 2000  Corrected URL's and images to Favorite Links

    06 May 2000 Added "Favorite Links"

     05 May 2000  Update on Totty Roots Photo Gallery, added new background.  All Images created by Birdie (Totty) McNutt for all the web pages.

  30 Apr 2000  Update on Images and added NEW Search Engine for Totty Roots Web Site.

   24 Apr 2000  Well, things didn't go as planned so, here we go again trying to get the Photo Gallery up and running.

   23 Apr 2000  Logo updated!  Hooray! the Photo Gallery is now up and ready for you to view.  It include's our TOTTY Roots Military men, Bible Images, Family Images with more to come.

   03 Feb 2000  New TOTTY ROOTS Logo created

    29 Oct 1999  Added Mindit URL to Totty Master Index

    26 Oct 1999 - Corrected URL to Totty Mailing List Archives.

    24 Oct 1999:   Hurrah!  Finally updated Master Index web page

   03 August 1999:  Sent message to Mr. TILLMAN at <> titled. NEW RULES!   with followup to his reply.   Second message was sent subject:  NEW RULES! Please clarify.  Ongoing quest to get our Archives removed and the ever changing and additional NEW RULES that Rootsweb can think up!    Got our NEW TOTTY Roots Mailing List Notification announcement opened up to the public officially.

    02 August 1999:  Sent FINAL NOTICE in three parts to;  Brian Leverich <>, Karen Isaacson  <>,, Robert R. Tillman <>with,,, RESULT: Totty Mailing List Owner being "blocked/banned/rejected" from any further posting's to RootsWeb mailing list's or site except for direct communication to Mr. Tillman.  Notified Mr. Tillman that Rootsweb was blocked the Notice of Revocations as SPAM that were being sent in by the Totty Mailing listmembers!    Totty Mailing List subscribers officially unsubbed from and subbed as NEW Totty Roots Mailing List members/subscribers.

   27 July 1999:   Received invoice for the New <> Domain name and Totty Roots mailing list.  Payment was sent in full to finalize our new home place, which has still NOT been officially announced to the public or TOTTY listmember's yet.

   23 July 1999:   Very First attempt at getting our TOTTY ROOTS "Temp Web Page" up and working on the internet.

   22 July 1999:  Hurrah, We are in business!!!! behind the scenes, per say.   Got Notification that  Registration for the domain name <> was been completed and we received offical notice of approval.

   21 July 1999:   Totty Mailing List administrator Received Notification from Mr. Robert Tillman CEO of Rootsweb, of the possibility of being "blocked/banned" from any further posting's to Totty RootsWeb Mailing List nor of being a listowner again, this was in reply to message sent to Dr. Brian Leverich about "ARCHIVES", and the Request for Removal of the Totty Mailing List Archives and/or Individual postings.  This was the first message received from Mr. Tillman in lieu of the co-owner's of RW ie Brian Leverich or Karen his wife making a response.

   19 July 1999:   We received our official DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION AGREEMENT from Network Solutions, Inc. and our Official GENEALOGICAL MAILING LIST AGREEMENT from Jerry Dill and Rootsquest.

   18 July 1999:  Our NEW "Totty-families" mailing list requested and accepted at Rootsquest, along with our VERY OWN DOMAIN name <>.  NOTE:  this was set up as an Emergency Site due as a result of RW failure to comply to our request for removal of our Archives  of June 25, 1999 and ALSO for our future "safe haven" Totty Roots home where we can support our Totty AUP, ie: "Dedicated to FREE Genealogy on the internet".

   15 July 1999:  Sent messages titled "ARCHIVES" to "Dr. Brian Leverich" <> regarding the past unanswered question sent to him and requesting his response and reply to those same unanswered questions.   CC was also sent to

   25 June 1999:  Official Totty Mailing List "Notification" request for removal and return of the Totty Archives from sent to Dr. Brian Leverich with cc: to Karen his wife, co-owners of Rootsweb; "that All TOTTY mailing list ARCHIVES  are to be removed and zipped to the Totty Listowner, ie, NO LONGER to be stored-archived on any of their Rootsweb servers.", this due to the New AUP posted by

   16 June 1999:  CHANGE'S at Rootsweb:   RootsWeb's new Acceptable Use Policy [AUP] (which permits distribution and re-distribution of postings of Mailing Lists at RootsWeb.)   <http//>

   02 June 1999:  Subject: Important Notice! (Legal) sent to Rootsweb regarding the Totty-L@rootsweb mailing list and our views on our soliciting money on behalf of Rootsweb and why we NO longer will support (a documented for-profit Company) with requests for money.

   01 June 1999:  Message was sent to  on hehalf of the Totty Mailing List titled; "Ownership of messages ?"(at rootsweb).  One of many question's posed to the Official STAFF of RW through the Listowners-L. Note:  This was Never answered by Dr. Brian Leverich nor his wife Karen at (herein after RW).

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