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(Digging for our Totty Roots and finding the leaves on our Totty genealogy tree)

IMPORTANT:   You are now Connected to the FREE Mailing List Archive's Page of the "TOTTY Roots Research Group,"  IF you are asked to PAY for this information, or subscribe to another Site in order to view our Research Work,  it is in DIRECT VIOLATION of our own "TOTTY Roots" Copyright Restrictions & the "Copyright Law", and should be reported to <> or the ISP of the violating web site.

Our Totty Roots List Archives, consisting of back postings to our Totty Mailing List, are undoubtedly the most "Out-a-Site" Totty Collection on the Web, except not just Totty, Tottye, Toddy (and all other variant spellings), but including records for many of Associated Families as well (friends, neighbors, in-laws, etc.). The Archives serve as a Reference Library for our Totty Roots Research Project.

Copyright Information and Restrictions:  Our Totty Roots Research Reports have been provided for the free use of those engaged in NON-commercialgenealogical research by our Totty Roots Research Group. Any and ALL commercial use is strictly prohibited including burning any of this research information on to any CD's including but not limited to Family Tree Maker.  These documents may be included in your own genealogy, however ALL these documents are copyrighted (to or by the authors to whom they are credited herin and copyright thereto) and may NOT be sold, nor given to anyone who may attempt to derive profit from these records.
Researchers may copy, but with the proviso that it may only be copied and circulated in its entirety -- including this notice, as well as all sources, bibliographies and credits. However,permission is NOT Granted to copy ANY Totty Roots Research Files or Records to other electronic locations - whether web pages or list postings. 

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Translated: require Venus (case sensitive), require pictures, forbid planet, prefer images

First lists "pictures and images of Venus", then "Venus pictures".
Does not list lowercase "venus picture", nor forbidden "picture of planet Venus".
Translated: ignores common words like where, is, and the - requires words containing "frog"

Finds "frog", "frogleg", and "bullfrog".

To suppress the ignore feature, use quotes, as in "Where is the *frog*?".

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Translated: require CGI, require scripting

Finds "CGI Scripting", "CGI scripting", and "scripting of type CGI".
Does not find the lowercase "cgi scripting", nor the abbreviated "CGI script".
Translated: forbid CGI, require scripts

Finds "Perl scripts", "Hollywood scripts", and lowercase "cgi scripts".
Does not find "CGI definitions" nor "CGI scripts".
Translated: prefer CGI, require scripts

Finds "Perl scripts", "CGI scripts", and "CGI Scripts".
Documents with both terms appear higher in the list.
Translated: require the phrase "CGI scripts"

Finds "CGI scripts".
Does not find "CGI Scripts" nor "scripts of type CGI".
Translated: require cgi (case insensitive), require words starting with "script"

Finds "CGI scripts", "cgi scripting", "Cgi scripter".
The asterisk is a wildcard representing any four or fewer characters.

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