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Totty  Marriages in United States of America
(Digging for our Totty Roots and finding the leaves on our Totty genealogy tree)

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The Totty Roots Marriage Records  is a collection of our TOTTY Roots mailing list records and research by the TOTTY Roots Research Group.   If you have any marriage records you would like to share with us, please contact our TOTTY Roots Administrator and Web Page Editor.    Important:  if you find a error or typo please let us know ASAP!  We at TOTTY Roots are dedicated to protecting the rights and privacy of our living relatives.  We encourage all involved in Genealogy Research to omit Vital information on any of our family members who are still LIVING, UNLESS you have their express and or written permisson.  We need to protect our descendants, while we search for our ancestors.    PLEASE do your part to protect and respect the privacy of everyone when placing information on the web.


U.S. A. Totty Marriage Records
IMPORTANT!   a work in progress
if you find an error or typo in these records PLEASE advise asap!

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Contains marriages from bible records, family group sheets, cemetery records, court records, Obits, etc.


Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name
latest updates marked in green

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
First Name,
County, State Remarks
* TOTTY Unknown Arnold Annie Mai Hickman, TN *
* TOTTY Unknown Potter Mary , MO **
* TOTTY Unknown Maddox Elizabeth  Hickman, TN Will
* TOTTY Unknown Holemann Marianna Flat Rock, NC Obit
* TOTTY A. C. Stid Unknown Lena Hickman, TN Cem Rec
ca 1754 TOTTY Abner Unknown Eleanor Henrico, VA CNS
11-21-1793 TOTTY Abner White Mary Charlotte, VA MR
11-07-1811 TOTTY Abner Patram Edith Chesterfield, VA MR
* TOTTY Abner Jefferson Anderson Mattie Elizabeth Tallaposs, AL FGS
04-23-1895 TOTTY Adaline Narcissa Tignor Charles FGS
05-14-1840 TOTTY Agnes D.  Rogers Hugh Mecklenbur, VA **
10-25-1894 TOTTY Alabama B. Prince William T. Hickman, TN MR
ca 1890-1900 TOTTY Albert Lelam Unknown Fannie CNS
08-13-1876 TOTTY Alexander B. Trent Mary Jane Independence, AR FGS
* TOTTY Alfred Clay Harper Virginia Rose , TX **
* TOTTY Alice Pierpoint **
08-09-1888 TOTTY Alice Richardson John Humphreys,TN
10-25-1894 TOTTY Allie B. Prine W. T. Hickman, TN mr
09-20-1930 TOTTY Alma Pearl Seitz Charlie Lee Wheeler, TX FGS
09-06-1974 TOTTY Alma Pearl Seitz Arthur M. Roberts, TX FGS
* TOTTY Alvin C. Unknown Delia E. TX CR
01-17-1862 TOTTY Amelia F. Hubbard James Tallapoosa, AL
04-02-1789 TOTTY Amy Partin James Chesterfield, VA
12-15-1873 TODDY Ann Musik W. R. Troup, GA
04-10-1779 TOTTY Ann Wood Francis New York
04-05-1824 TOTTY Ann Deane Thomas Richmond, VA MR
12-17-1803 TOTTY Anna Pugh Abraham Charlotte, VA
07-18-1907 TOTTY Anna Hendrix John Hickman, TN
12-??-1889 TOTTY Anna T. J. Carthell E. M. Independence, AR FGS
12-13-1869 TODDY Annie Jackson Louis Issaquena, MS
* TOTTY Annie Petersine William A. , TN **
10-21-1888 TOTTY Annie Wray Thomas Hickman, TN mr
05-13-1981 TOTTY Annie B. Holt Thurmon Lubbock, TX
12-2-1894 TOTTY Annie Laura Rushing Walter Hickman, TN
10-29-1932 TOTTY Annie Rooney Trimble Hill Linley Clovis, NM
05-17-1969 TOTTY Annie Rooney Hull Louis Russell Wheeler, TX
11-28-1907 TOTTY Annie Sue Shelby Anderson B. Hickman, TX
12-05-1791 TOTTY Archelous Stow(e) Liddy Charles, VA
04-10-1820 TOTTY Archer Rowlett Sarah Chesterfield, VA
09-25-1833 TOTTY Archibald Gill Elizabeth R. Chesterfield, VA
09-03-1804 TOTTY Arthur Graves Nancy Charlotte, VA mr
03-20-1855 TOTTY Arthur Lunsford Mary C. Lauderdale,TN
1765-1785 TOTTY Arthur ? Rebecca **
1834 TOTTY Asa Mary Hickman, TN
1865 TOTTY Asa Dallas Mary Ann Hickman, TN CNS

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
10-23-1887 TOTTY B. A. Halland Mary J. Benton, TN
02-25-1819 TOTTY Barnett Davis Elizabeth Betsy Maury, TN
12-24-1802 TOTTY Benjamin Green Cousins Nancy Chesterfield, VA
03-26-1788 TOTTY Benjamin Green Blankenship Mary Chesterfield, VA
08-14-1826 TOTTY Benjamin Woodson Franklin Martha H. Chesterfield, VA
04-06-1830 TOTTY Benjamin Woodson Bricken Jacinthia Richmond, VA
06-03-1848 TOTTY Benjamin Woodson Wilson Melissa Chesterfield, VA
02-21-1849 TOTTY Benjamin Woodson Nunnally Frances Hobbs Chesterfield, VA
03-06-1906 TOTTY Beverley T. Snellings Rosa Bell Chesterfield,VA
02-26-1788 TOTTY Biddy Hill John Charlotte, VA
* TOTTY Birdie L. McNutt Wayne T. , OK
* TOTTY Blanche Eldridge Willie ** FGS
09-01-1868 TOTTY Bolen A. Atchison Virginia R. Hickman, TN

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
09-16-1888 TOTTY C. L. Faulkenberry William A. Hickman, TN
04-26-1896 TOTTY C. L.  Click Luna Benton, TN
* TOTTY Carl N. Unknown Rosa of Dickson, TN CR
01-29-1873 TOTTY Caroline TOTTY Samuel Hickman, TN
06-06-1881 TOTTY Cary Branch Colgin John M ** FGS
12-27-1828 TOTTY Catherine Goodman Jr. John Rutherford, TN
* TOTTY Charles Albert Helen ** FGS
1-29-1863 TOTTY Cepronia Campbell James A. Independence, AR
09-07-1968 TOTTY Charles Oliver Curry Mary Lynn Galveston, TX
04-05-1969 TOTTY Charles Ottie Hensley Auddie Lee Lamar, TX
ca 1818 TOTTY Christina Ammons Henry Hickman, TN FGS
* TOTTY Clara Cox Claud ** *, **
07-11-1872 TOTTY Clara Caskie Pettway George William Richmond, VA
03-31-1957 TOTTY Clara Elizabeth Dye Mac M. Pottawatomie,OK
11-15-1903 TOTTY Clarence Freddy Harrington  Laura Hickman, TN
02-10-1886 TOTTY Cora B. Shaver  Albert George Charlotte, VA
10-22-1885 TOTTY Cora Lee Carothers David Hickman, TN
12-21-1840 TOTTY Cornelia Dunnavant Wiley Chesterfield, VA
04-04-1931 TOTTY Cornelia Elizabeth Nichols Lee Rex **
10-21-1844 TOTTY Cynthia Carter Robert Henry, TN

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
04-04-1789 TOTTY Daniel Andrews Betsy Chesterfield, VA
12-06-1824 TOTTY Daniel Brooks Patsey Chesterfield, VA
02-23-1833 TOTTY Daniel Jr West Elizabeth Henrico, VA
07-31-1843 TOTTY Daniel Wooddy Sarah Henrico, VA
1837 TOTTY Daniel C. Ruthie ** **
* TOTTY Dannie Sage ? ** **
12-04-1884 TOTTY David Easley Thornton Pokie Ann Hickman, TN mr
Private TOTTY Delbert R. Henderson Thixie K.
02-22-1879 TOTTY Delphenia Ann Previtt John S. Humphreys, TN
* TOTTY Demarcus Lafayette Cook Elizabeth Catherine Hickman, TN *
02-18-1897 TOTTY Dock Adams Bettie Humphreys
* TOTTY Donna M. Smith John P. ** *, **
05-24-1930 TOTTY Dora Eve Vaughan Reed Swanson Chesterfield, VA
02-04-1815 TOTTY Dorcus Dolly Dunnavant Wiley I. Henrico, VA
* TOTTY Dorthy Mae Benson Bill **

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
* TOTTY E. Hershell Holder Wilmoth Elnora Haskell, OK *
* TOTTY Earvon/Irvin Tom Weems Lucille ** *, **
* TOTTY Eddie Jenettie Baker Albert Hickman, TN *
05-03-1824 TOTTY Edith Dickerson Wesley Chesterfield, VA
* TOTTY Edith Lorell Bruce James Lester ,AR *, **
04-28-1928 TOTTY Edith Tressie Thomas William Hamilton Pottawatomie, OK mr
* TOTTY Edna Irene Hosford Thomas Martin , AR *, **
* TOTTY Edward Seward Betsy Heath ** *, **
1935 TOTTY, Jr. Edward Booge Moore Ruby Elaine , IL *, **
* TOTTY, Sr Edward Booge Holmes Mary Elizabeth ** *, **
03-10-1792 TOTTY Edward Dance Agness Charles, VA
ca 1832 TOTTY Edward Oliver Wilson Lucy Ann , TN *, **
ca 1890-1900 TOTTY Elbert A. Pearl Hickman, TN *
12-28-1848 TOTTY Eli Lee Leonora Chesterfield,VA
ca 1740-1745 TOTTY Elizabeth Vaden Henry Henrico, VA
ca 1800-1820 TOTTY Elizabeth Sanford Daniel Greene, GA
ca 1835-1845 TOTTY Elizabeth Arnold Jesse Davidson?, TN *
* TOTTY Elizabeth Bond William McCree Hickman, TN *
02-04-1815 TOTTY Elizabeth Winfree Henry Henrico, VA
* TOTTY Elizabeth Ann Singleton James L. Hickman, TN *
07-07-1810 TOTTY Elizabeth Betsy Cousins John Chesterfield, VA
ca 1855 TOTTY Elizabeth Caroline Stevens Monroe Stacy Hickman, TN *
08-07-1862 TOTTY Elizabeth Caroline Trueblood Albert H. Cooke, TX
* TOTTY Elizabeth Irene Sanders Ruffie Coleman Hickman, TN *
11-09-1929 TOTTY Elizabeth Sue Neeley Robert T. Hickman, TN
ca 1870 TOTTY Elizabeth Watts Little David Liles Henderson, TN
01-24-1895 TODDY Ella Hilton Thomas Jackson, AR
* TOTTY Emily E. Rutledge Edward Maurice ** *, **
* TOTTY Emily E. Rutledge  Holly Edward ** *, **
04-12-1894 TOTTY Emma Kenaday Andreson Hickman, TN mr
09-02-1896 TOTTY Emma Gentry Rushing Samuel Humphreys,TN *, **
11-04-1894 TOTTY Estell Prater D. C. Montague, TX
* TOTTY Ethel Holder Wills ** *, **
ca 1915 TOTTY Eugene Earnest Eskew Benito **
06-21-1929 TOTTY Everett L. TOTTY Thelma Bercia Hickman, TN
11-17-1892 TOTTY Eva J. E. Hatcher R. H. Hickman, TN mr
1900 TOTTY Evie Wicher P. M. Randolph, AR

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
01-17-1894 TOTTY Fannie Crofford William Hickma, TN mr
07-27-1881 TOTTY Fannie Walker Thomas Hickman, TN mr
08-29-1917 TOTTY Fannie Joe Tidwell Charlie Hickman, TN
12-19-1872 TOTTY Felix Leonidas Taylor Narcissa Catherine Hickman, TN
03-17-1920 TOTTY F. A. Carothers Annie Greer, OK
ca1935-1945 TOTTY Floyd A. Sadie B. **
05-15-1937 TOTTY Floyd Leroy Harris Ruthie Marie Love, OK
02-11-1967 TOTTY Floyd Leroy Foreman Betty Jo ,NV
09-14-1949 TOTTY Frances Darlene Mayfield James William , NM?
Private TOTTY Frances Elizabeth Williard Vernon Collins Wheeler, TX
* TOTTY Frances L. Copeland Floyd A. , AR
08-24-1843 TOTTY Francis Marion Spradling Rhoda M. Hickman, TN
09-02-1880 TOTTY Francis Marion Springer Mary Elizabeth Upshur, TX
06-21-1957 TOTTY Frank Marion Patton Nettie Lovella Wheeler, TX
05-20-1933 TOTTY Frank Milton Winkley Alice Willard Beckham, OK
* TOTTY Frank Milton Black Minnie P. Dillon Gray, TX

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
03-29-1883 TODY George Bell Ellen Union, MS
* TOTTY George Abner Benson **
07-02-1858 TOTTY George Abner Benson Amelia Frances  Tallapoosa, AL
09-16-1906 TOTTY George Ellis Litton Cyndia Virginia Hickman, TN
10-21-1868 TOTTY George Washington Vaden Virginia Chesterfield, VA
02-22-1908 TOTTY Georgia Mae Springer Cleve Montague, TX
06-03-1957 TOTTY Georgie Lee Whatley Hubert Leo Love, OK
05-08-1950 TOTTY Georgie Odell Sprinkle Jesse Elmer Kern, CA
04-17-1923 TOTTY Gladys Brown Russell James Forgery Hickman, TN
04-01-1964 TOTTY Glenn Bratton Turner Sarah Hickman, TN
Private TOTTY Glenda J. Davis Howard D.
Private TOTTY Glenda J.  Brown James L.
11-07-1908 TOTTY Green Whitfield Rogers Hattie Lee Comanche, OK
04-06-1896 TOTTY G. Lus Loch Melton Ida Benton, TN
12-16-1875 TODDY Harriet Jones William Madison, AL
02-14-1894 TOTTY H. D. Warren V. A. Hickman, TN mr
11-09-1664 TOTTY Hannah Ann Whitman Robert Henrico, VA
bef 1664 TOTTY Hannah Ann Knight Alexander Henrico, VA
1830 TOTTY Harbert (Howe?) Elizabeth Betsy Hickman, TN
06-17-1942 TOTTY Harold Lewis Sox Ruby Carol Ft Jackson, SC
11-06-1984 TOTTY Harold Lewis Barksdale Cindy **
09-13-1813 TOTTY Harrison John(s)ton Martha Patsy Davidson, TN
10-01-1837 TOTTY Harrison Norris Matilda Naomi Hickman, TN
TOTTY Harry Manning Mary Lou ** *, **
03-22-1883 TOTTY Hellen M. Harvey Z. Montague, TX
06-13-1892 TOTTY Henerietta Foulkes Joseph Lee Chesterfield, VA
12-17-1877 TOTTY Henry Simms Mary Quitman, MS
11-15-1881 TOTTY Henry Jackson Scott Mary Frances Antoinette, CO
04-01-1908 TOTTY Henry Jackson Katschkowsky Minnie P. Independence, MO
01-29-1885 TOTTY Hulday H. Cauley C. J. Hickman, TN
12-27-1908 TOTTY Icey Earnestine Baird James P. Hickman, TN
12-15-1895 TOTTY Ida Lenore Prince John Alexander Hickman, TN corrected name-Prince 10-15-00
12-27-1908 TOTTY Ida Lee Martin Robert Fulton Hickman, TN
02-25-1881 TODDY Ike Glass  Rena Davidson, TN
12-15-1895 TOTTY Irvin/Ervon Tom Dunn Lucille Red River, TX

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
1897 TOTTY J. A. Golahar Janie Randolph, AR
1902 TOTTY J. C. Graham Lena Randolph, AR
04-04-1883 TOTTY J. D. Bond Samuel Robert Hickman, TX
ca1930-1935 TOTTY J. D. Abraham Florine Red River, TX
02-19-1861 TOTTY J. E. Williams Lucinda R. Benton, TN
11-12-1869 TOTTY J. E. Bell Josie Benton, TN
06-16-1889 TOTTY J. H. Cotton Mollie Hickman, TN mr
ca 1850-1855 TOTTY Jacintha W. Pleasants Charles M. Richmond, VA
10-28-1825 TOTTY Jacob Belcher Patience Chesterfield, VA
* TOTTY Jame Stalcup Cornelia Florence , MO *,**
11-30-1881 TOTTY James A. Maddox Mary L. Hickman, TN
12-10-1851 TOTTY James Adolphus Davis Mary Jane Independence, AR
11-28-1847 TOTTY James Adolphus Oglesby Nancy M. Independence, AR
1890-1900 TOTTY James Alexander Jane Independence, AR
05-10-1860 TOTTY James B. Montgomery Mary J. Independence, AR
11-14-1872 TOTTY James Bizell Wilkins Nancy C. Hickman, TN
08-01-1906 TOTTY James C. Orton Mary M. Hickman, TN
12-19-1869 TOTTY James Claibourne Watkins Elizabeth J. Hickman, TN
01-01-1897 TOTTY James David Church Allis O. Hickman, TN
04-24-1873 TOTTY James E. Curd or Hope Josephine Carroll, TN
09-10-1857 TOTTY James E. Hawley Louisa Benton, TN
01-30-1849 TOTTY James H. Perkins Leauna Dinwiddie, VA
07-14-1937 TOTTY James Marlin Yates Theo Warren, KY
03-19-1866 TOTTY J. S. Cooper Mary J. Tulare, CA A-121
12-29-1887 TOTTY James Samuel Barnes Jennie Independence, AR
ca 1888 TOTTY James Samuel Robertson Mary Ann Independence, AR
TOTTY James Walter Mann Bertha Irene ?, MO **
10-15-1863 TOTTY James William Holman Nancy J. Warren, KY
02-03-1848 TOTTY Jane Champion Calvin Paulding, GA
* TOTTY Janey Sebina Hupell Hickman, TN
* TOTTY Jinny Lind Williams Timothy Earnhart Hickman, TN
08-26-1867 TOTTY Jinnieline Garrett Andrew Hickman, TN
1792 TOTTY Jesse Fowler Nancy Chesterfield, VA
09-13-1883 TODDY John  Arnold Dora Jackson, AR
04-25-1885 TODDY John Marks Dora Cuyahoga, OH
10-16-1870 TOTTY John Holden Sarah M. Independence, AR
1760-1765 TOTTY John Blankenship Mary Henrico, VA
ca1790 TOTTY John Tamer Hastin Chesterfield, VA
06-07-1827 TOTTY John Bealle Martha E. Morgan, GA
12-14-1829 TOTTY John Gilbert Susan J. Chesterfield, VA
03-23-1835 TOTTY John Russell Theresa(Thursey) Warren, KY
* TOTTY John Ward Denise Chesterfield, VA
bef 1854 TOTTY John Brown Mary Louise Harris, TX
02-05-1877 TOTTY John B. Jones Ellen Hickman, TN mr
1885-1895 TOTTY John C. Lena ,AR
11-24-1937 TOTTY John Carlton Burk Lucy Chesterfield, VA
bef 1961 TOTTY John Darrell Cope Emsey , CA
1852 TOTTY John E. Smith Elizabeth Caroline Hickman, TN
05-03-1916 TOTTY John May Sharber Mary E. Hickman, TN
11-12-1862 TOTTY John N. Martin Mary E. Hickman, TN alt 11-12-1868
05-02-1895 TOTTY John Simon Manuel Rachel Independence, AR
bef 1895 TOTTY John Simon Turner Ethel , TX
11-24-1923 TOTTY John Simon Carter Mary Iva Carwford, AR
12-10-1857 TOTTY John Thomas Bailey Rebecca Charles City, VA
* TOTTY John W. Sarah Hickman, TN
10-16-1870 TOTTY John W. C. Holdman Sarah M. Independence, AR
08-05-1885 TOTTY John W. C. Trent Nancy Independence, AR
06-04-1919 TOTTY John Walker Carothers  Martha Lucinda Hickman, TN
12-10-1868 TOTTY John Whitfield Walker Matilda/Martha Montague, TX
04-13-1877 TOTTY John Whitfield Yandell Sarah Ellen Montague, TX
09-01-1889 TOTTY John Whitfield Cooper Marita D. Sebastian, AR
08-16-1874 TOTTY John Y. Sugg(s) Mary M. Hickman,  TN
01-13-1960 TOTTY Johney Albert Goodnight Vann Myrtle Lazell San Bernadino, CA
* TOTTY Johnson Williams Mary Gertrude Hickman, TN
08-01-1843 TOTTY Johnson Harrison Spradling Susan B. Hickman, TN
10-14-1866 TOTTY Jonathan Norris Harbin Charlotte Hickman, TN
08-22-1964 TOTTY Judith Ann Field George William Hickman, TN
02-20-1890 TOTTY Julia Pafford Oscar N. Benton, TN
* TOTTY June Ann Garrett Andrew J. Hickman, TN **

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
* TOTTY Richard Kelly Kathy Ann ** *, **
ca 1830-1840 TOTTY Katherine A. Nix Felix Hickman, TN
ca 1840 TOTTY Katherine A. Pruett Hickman, TN
* TOTTY Katherine A. Hutchinson Johnnie P. Hickman, TN
10-20-1886 TOTTY L. B. Lane Adella Hickman, TN mr
02-24-1886 TOTTY Laudie Travis Charly N. Benton, TN
02-09-1888 TOTTY Laura Iona Goff John Morgan Independence, AR
03-20-1875 TOTTY Lavisa/Louisa Hines John Henry Hickman, TN
ca 1920 TOTTY Lawrence P. Scott Ruby E. Independence, MO obit
ca 1925 TOTTY Lawrence Rucker Gunter Rosa Chesterfield, VA
04-24-1910 TOTTY Lee Riley Nettie May Lee, MS
04-04-1828 TOTTY Lemoval H. Wells Mary D. Chesterfield, VA
10-07-1903 TOTTY Lena Jewell Stutzman Jesse Myer Wheeler, TX
* TOTTY Lena Leota Lashlee Newton P. ** *, **
05-07-1834 TOTTY Leonard Davis Julia Ann Warren, KY
04-03-1860 TOTTY Leonard Shobe Emma Knox, IL
04-09-1878 TOTTY Leonora Frances Brockwell W. B. Dinwiddie, VA Bible
03-17-1870 TOTTY Leroy Nix TOTTY Sarah Elizabeth Hickman, TN
02-17-1891 TOTTY Lettie Harrell Lenard Dickson, TN
02-13-1872 TOTTY Lewis Henry Wheeler Louisa Jane Cooke, TX
10-05-1906 TOTTY Lewis Napolean Crowe Ethel Lee Hickman, TN
03-12-1840 TOTTY Lewis Perkins Baird Athelia Hickman, TN
12-23-1896 TOTTY Lewis Perkins Anderson Addie Hickman, TN
04-16-1873 TOTTY Lewis Perkins Bratton Carolyn Sue Hickman, TN
01-11-1885 TOTTY Lewis Pete Simmons Virginia Montague, TX
08-30-1913 TOTTY Lewis Phillip Doss  Beatrice P. Jefferson, OK
12-25-1886 TOTTY Lillie Hudson J. M. Benton, TN
07-23-1884 TOTTY Lelia Rowena Welch George Washington Montague, TX
11-09-1892 TOTTY Lillie E. Porter R. P. Hickman, TN mr
* TOTTY Lillie Viola Carlovitz Giles Homer ** *, **
12-22-1901 TOTTY Lillian Sophronia Hinkle Andrew Clinton Montague, TX
02-19-1878 TOTTY Littleberry Barry Mays Mary W. Hickman, TN
10-20-1886 TOTTY Little Berry Lane Adella Didemus Hickman, TN *, **
11-13-1892 TODDY Lizzie McGee A. B. Faulkner, AR
05-19-1907 TOTTY Lizzie Blackwell Jessie Hickman, TN
02-14-1889 TOTTY Lizzie Jones Isaac Humphreys,TN
Private TOTTY Lorena JoAnn Park Harry G.
* TOTTY Lorene P. Tate Stephens, OK
05-11-1890 TOTTY Lou Cotton J. Y. Hickman, TN mr
ca 1900-1907 TOTTY Louis P. Mary M. , TN **
03-21-1875 TOTTY Louisa Hines John H. Hickman, TN
09-18-1878 TOTTY Louisa Ann Edna Logan Issac Davidson Independence, AR
* TOTTY Louisa Frances Poarch Soloman **
ca 1830-1840 TOTTY Louisa H. Martin George Washington Hickman, TN
12-11-1898 TOTTY Louisa Tennessee Phenix Allen A. Montague, TX
08-21-1928 TOTTY Lucille Imogene Hogue Edward Pottawatomie, OK
03-23-1858 TOTTY Luiza Tucker M. M. Jackson, AR
06-10-1905 TOTTY Lulu B. Johnston William Frank Wheeler, TX

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
12-17-1888 TOTTY M. C. Tuggle N. G. Frio, TX
02-10-1861 TOTTY M. H. Moore Charles F. Rutherford, TN
08-14-1893 TOTTY M. L. Sanders F. J Hickman, TN mr
1902 TOTTY Mabel Witcher L. W. Randolph, AR
12-30-1933 TOTTY Mabel Larkin Edwards Dickson, TN
* TOTTY Madge Vivian Tuck John Dewey Independence, AR
01-13-1887 TOTTY Maggie Crowel I. P. Perry, TN
12-25-1919 TOTTY Maggie Lee Thompson Joseph A. Wheeler, TX
08-25-1924 TOTTY Maggie Ola Kuhn Lewis M. Wichita, TX
03-12-1882 TOTTY Magnona B. Ferrell John R. Hickman, TN mr
09-29-1889 TOTTY Mahala Tally Andrew Hickman, TN mr
* TOTTY Mamie Anderson Independence, MO Obit
Private TOTTY Mamie Ella Henslee Edgar Murry
01-19-1793 TOTTY Margaret Dieleman Drury Chesterfield, VA
01-19-1793 TOTTY Margaret  Dishman Drury Chesterfield, VA
* TOTTY Margaret Frances Stacy Gene Hickman, TN
10-04-1869 TOTTY Margarette Parrilee Hutchinson J. T. Hickman, TN CNS
* TOTTY Margie Wanda Howard  Harvey Lee , OK **
09-18-1940 TOTTY Marie Jouthaline Caudle Leroy Elmer Pottawatomie, OK
08-07-1970 TOTTY Marion W. Wilson William  Montague, TX
11-18-1818 TOTTY Martha Ford William Henrico, TX
09-18-1859 TOTTY Martha Sample George Washington Jackson, AR
* TOTTY Martha A. Lee Blankenship Archibald Chesterfield, VA
08-19-1844 TOTTY Martha E. Wells Herbert Chesterfield, VA
ca 1855 TOTTY Martha J. Grinner William G. Hickman, TN
10-25-1860 TOTTY Martha J. Graves John L. Rusk, TX
01-24-1942 TOTTY Martha Jane Smith Arthur Clarendon Upshur, TX
04-18-1951 TOTTY Martha Lorene Ward Joseph Patrick Wheeler, TX
1930-1933 TOTTY Martha Lorene Higdon Jess Ralph Wheeler, TX
05-26-1872 TOTTY Martha S. Coleman Rufus Hickman, TN
12-06-1885 TODDEY Mary Marten John Dickson, TN
09-20-1857 TODDY Mary Bench Henry Laclede, MO
12-02-1861 TODDY Mary C. E. Lathem  Amos Lauderdale, TN
08-27-1818 TOTTY Mary Costley Andrew Chesterfield, VA
01-07-1900 TOTTY Mary Ballard J. T. Humphreys,TN
11-21-1850 TOTTY Mary F. Fuqua Samuel M. Chesterfield, VA
05-13-1794 TOTTY Mary Johnson/Johnston Miles Chesterfield, VA
* TOTTY Mary Ann Goodwyn James , VA **
12-27-1875 TOTTY Mary E. Regeon Phillip Hickman, TN
12-30-1875 TOTTY Mary Elizabeth Tillman Jason A. Montague, TX
01-17-1900 TOTTY Mary Elizabeth Spradling Clarence C. Jack, TX
04-23-1864 TOTTY Mary F. Taylor Nesbit P. J. Chatham, GA
01-05-1871 TOTTY Mary Frances Kelley Andrew Jackson Independence, AR
02-14-1873 TOTTY Mary Frances TOTTY Samuel M. Hickman, TN
TOTTY Mary Jane Lewis James Hickman, TN
05-12-1859 TOTTY Mary Jane Everett James Samuel E. Barren, KY
12-29-1870 TOTTY Mary Jane Pate Daniel Independence, AR
03-14-1871 TOTTY Mary Jane Coleman Arnold  Benjamin Franklin Hickman, TN
* TOTTY Mary Josephine Fry Noel G. Benton, TN
bef 1886 TOTTY Mary L. Brigham David Lunie
bef 1920 TOTTY Mary Lelia Baker Edward G. Hickman, TN
12-15-1855 TODDY Mary Louisa Davidson William J. Tipton, TN
03-23-1858 TOTTY Mary Louisa Tucker  M. M. Jackson, AR
TOTTY Mary Louisa Stevenson Edward NPaper
09-21-1847 TOTTY Mary Malinda Webb Hiram Maury, TN
05-12-1887 TOTTY Mary Parthena  Hazelrigg Walter Sidney Independence, AR
1866 TOTTY Mary Pillow Tarkington George Washington Hickman, TN
Private TOTTY Mary Sue Peterman Leonard W.
01-25-1852 TOTTY Mason Agness Harris  Lafeyette M. Independence, AR
* TOTTY Matilda Agness Taylor John Independence, AR obit
03-25-1865 TOTTY Matilda Huge Kelley James Independence, AR
12-05-1875 TOTTY Matilda Jane Traylor Barton A. Montague, TX
01-21-1870 TOTTY Matilda K. Jewell William C. Hickman, TN mr
ca 1830 TOTTY Matilda Sandal Grinder Albert Storry Hickman, TN
1915 TOTTY Maud Blankenship Edd Randolph, AR mr
* TOTTY Maurice Allen Mary Eleanor , TX **
10-25-1889 TOTTY May Kunkel Henry Oliver Scott, AR mr
04-20-1913 TOTTY McWeaver Anderson Harriette **
ca 1860-1865 TOTTY Medora Jane Hall Unknown Hickman, TN will
* TOTTY Michael Wayne Clements Charlotte Lynn ** *, **
12-26-1858 TOTTY Miles Devers Milesa Mississippi, MO
01-24-1878 TOTTY Millard Franklin(g) Maddox Sarah Emily Hickman, TN
bef 1796 TOTTY Milly Blankenship Unknown Chesterfield. VA will
* TOTTY Milton E. Ilma/Irma Chesterfield, VA
* TOTTY Minerva Jane Smith Independence, AR
11-04-1894 TOTTY Minnie Ellen Wall Melville Agusta Montague, TX
10-05-1941 TOTTY Minnie Sue Baker David Edward Hickman, TN
* TOTTY Mollie Chaffin , KS **
07-22-1906 TOTTY Mollie Daughtee Wiley Marvin Wheeler, TX
03-13-1895 TOTTY Mollie H. Darden J. Elisha Hickman, TN
ca 1905-1915 TOTTY Myrtle Adams Henry C. , TN **

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
07-19-1855 TOTTY N. Catherine Fuller William H. Tipton, TN
02-07-1860 TODDY N. J. Smith  Robert P. Independence, AR
* TOTTY Nancy Farrow Independence, MO diary
04-10-1809 TOTTY Nancy Blankenship Archibald Chesterfield, VA
09-04-1820 TOTTY Nancy  Grinstead Bartholomew T. Warren, KY
10-16-1816 TOTTY Nancy Anna Reeves William Steel Hickman, TN
02-09-1875 TOTTY Nancy Anna Harvill John E. Montague, X
10-26-1865 TOTTY Nancy Celina/Salina Hassell III Zebulon Hickman, TN
09-21-1861 TOTTY Nancy Emaline Woods John Walter Hickman, TN
06-01-1968 TOTTY Nathan Ray Lowe Shirley Ann Dallas, TX
07-24-1915 TOTTY Nell Ruth Butler James M. Independence, MO
ca 1940-1945 TOTTY Nella Jane Bower George Barkley Bowie, TX
* TOTTY Nettie Chessor Harlan Independence, AR
* TOTTY Nina Marie Cope Emsey ** *, **
10-30-1915 TOTTY Nora Delores Chaney Paul F. Woodruff, AR
1926 TOTTY Ola Pauline Hallmark William , OK
ca 1948 TOTTY Ola Pauline McCullough Wesley , CA
12-18-1900 TOTTY Omer Rochelle Bertie Hickman, TN
1899-1900 TOTTY Orlean Carlton George M. Haskell, OK

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
* TOTTY Paul Jones Anita Lynn **
* TOTTY Paul Pitts Brenda Kay ** *, **
* TOTTY Paul Deramus Melba ** *, **
ca 1825-1930 TOTTY Paul M. Savage Thelma Elizabeth Hickman, TN
ca 1920-1930 TOTTY Pauline Burgess Hurley K. Independence, MO
bef 1837 TOTTY Peter A. Elizabeth Chesterfield, TN
1830-1840 TOTTY Peter A. Elizabeth Chesterfield, TN
01-21-1831 TOTTY Phebe Northcutt Hosea Rutherford, TN
09-05-1901 TOTTY Pickney Dobbins Conney Chesterfield, TN
* TOTTY Pius O. Hartfield Tricia A. Dallas, TX
ca 1835-1845 TOTTY Polly Epperson Amsel Hickman, TN
03-09-1922 TOTTY Queen Roberta Jones Clarence David Independence, AR

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
12-31-1874 TOTTY R. M. Brown E. J. Hickman, TN
12-21-1818 TOTTY Rachel B. Noble Daniel Duncan Chesterfield, VA
1920-1930 TOTTY Rae Engles Raymond Independence, AR
1920-1940 TOTTY Ralph Morgan Powell Elise Chesterfield, VA
ca 1820 TOTTY Rebecca Howe Chesterfield, VA
12-02-1900 TOTTY Rebecca Jane Barker Steven Alexander Montague, TX
07-22-1842 TOTTY Rebecca P. Childress William F. Mecklenburg, VA
12-15-1893 TOTTY Rhoda Ann Skinner Issac A. Montague, TX
08-24-1872 TOTTY Rhoda (Rody)A. Coleman Zachariah T. Hickman, TN
ca 1815-1825 TOTTY Robert Denton Jemina Warren, KY
1915-1925 TOTTY Robert Dean Mollie Hickman, TN
* TOTTY Robert Boatwright Ila Mary **
1896 TOTTY Robert Carroll Wall Nora Willie Montague, TX
10-22-1932 TOTTY Robert Connor Spence Nisse Hickman, TN
12-24-1911 TOTTY Robert Franklin Cook Dora Woodruff, AR
12-19-1889 TOTTY Robert Leland Morton Charlotte A. Parker, TX
04-21-1950 TOTTY Robert Leland Barbara K. Smith, TX
09-27-1982 TOTTY Robert Leland Jones Irma L. Parker, TX
12-31-1874 TOTTY Robert M. Brown E. J. Hickman, TN
08-27-1994 TOTTY Robert M. Johnson Dewey J. Rockwall, TX
1899-1900 TOTTY Robert Martin Carlton Elizabeth Haskell, OK
12-01-1934 TOTTY Robert Vaile Mahon Helen Belle Greer, OK
01-10-1793 TOTTY Robert W. Andrews Sandal Chesterfield
1821 TOTTY Robert W. Easley Estes Matilda Hickman, TN
ca 1865-1870 TOTTY Roena Alice Martin Daniel L. Hickman, TN
08-05-1869 TOTTY Roena Cathern Fox Doctor Fletcher Cape Girardeau, MO
10-15-1933 TOTTY Roland Lee Gipson Opal Woodruff, AR
08-31-1895 TOTTY Ruby Atkins C. H. Benton, TN
bef 1945 TOTTY Ruby Lorene Yoakum Raymond L. Red River, TX
* TOTTY Ruby Elaine TOTTY Edward **
12-21-1968 TOTTY Ruby L. Hansen Norman R. Taylor, TX

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
01-03-1892 TOTTY S. H. Cates Annie Hickman, TN
12-14-1917 TOTTY Sallie Ann Barber J. Frank Woodruff, AR
before 1814 TOTTY Sally Gill Chesterfield, VA
07-10-1826 TOTTY Sally Vaden Daniel Chesterfield, VA
12-27-1906 TOTTY Sally Sisk Charlie Hickman, TN
1820-1830 TOTTY Sally M. Russell Arthur M. Hickman, TN
03-14-1810 TOTTY Sally P. Winfrey Henry Amelia, VA
01-29-1873 TOTTY Samuel TOTTY Caroline Hickman, TN
03-03-1927 TOTTY Samuel B. Cordell Nellie Greer, OK
1870-1880 TOTTY Samuel M. Rebecca C. Hickman, TN  cemetery
01-03-1892 TOTTY Samuel Houston Cates Mary Annie Hickman, TN
02-14-1873 TOTTY Samuel M. TOTTY Mary Frances  Hickman, TN
09-29-1892 TOTTY Samuel M. Watson Sarah H.or E. Hickman, TN
1870 TOTTY Samuel Moore Ruthy J. Hickman, TN CNS
01-29-1863 TOTTY Saphronia Parlee Campbell James Independence, AR
12-01-1874 TODDY Sarah Forrester Frank Jackson, AR
02-27-1861 TODDY Sarah S. TODDY W. H. Lewis, TN
09-28-1838 TOTTY Sarah Christy Larkin Warren, KY
ca 1840 TOTTY Sarah Ann Garrett James L. Hickman, TN
01-01-1888 TOTTY Sarah A. E. Cole Charles Kelly Independence, AR
03-17-1870 TOTTY Sarah Elizabeth TOTTY Leroy Nix Hickman, TN
12-24-1875 TOTTY Sarah Jane Mathis James L. Cooke, TX
02-27-1861 TOTTY Sarah Jane TOTTY William H. Lewis, TN
04-10-1870 TOTTY Sarah Lousie Gage Benjamin A. Montague, TX
11-26-1866 TOTTY Sarah P. Barnes Samuel G. Hickman, TN
ca 1850 TOTTY Sarah Sandal Baird Samuel McClern Hickman, TN
05-04-1873 TODDY Savina Byars June Jackson, AR
01-23-1850 TOTTY Serena Emiline Harder Calvin B. Hickman, TN
1855-1865 TOTTY Sina Bettis James Alexander Trigg, KY
1835 TOTTY Sophia Davis Spence John Lycurgus Hickman, TN
05-21-1876 TOTTY Sophia Davis Spence Issac Carter Hickman, TN
03-27-1882 TOTTY Steven Douglas Bone Helen A. Richmond, VA
10-10-1909 TOTTY Sue Annie Lawson Thomas Melvin Hickman, TN
05-19-1819 TOTTY Susan Clayton James Chesterfield, VA
12-28-1819 TOTTY Susan Ragland Pettus Warren, KY
01-27-1881 TOTTY Susan Langdon Church Samuel A. Hickman, TN
03-04-1782 TODDY Susannah Johnson John New York, NY
03-19-1788 TOTTY Susannah Thorp/Tharp Terry Charlotte, VA
12-19-1780 TOTTY Susannah Harding William Chesterfield, VA
aft 1781 TOTTY Susannah Gill James Chesterfield, VA
aft 1786 TOTTY Susannah Dance Chesterfield, VA

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or Groom First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
ca 1880-1885 TOTTY Tabitha Jones H.V. **
09-11-1881 TOTTY Tennessee Parks Robert C. Scott, MO
12-29-1881 TOTTY Tempty Catherine Maddox John Alfred Hickman, TN
06-21-1929 TOTTY Thelma Bercia TOTTY Everett L. Hickman, TN
ca 1690 TOTTY Thomas Davis Mary Henrico, VA
07-12-1730 TOTTY Thomas Loftis Elizabeth Henrico, VA
ca 1755 TOTTY Thomas Sarah Chesterfield, VA
08-23-1730 TOTTY Thomas Mann Mary Charlotte, VA
08-31-1820 TOTTY Thomas Burton Dorothy Chesterfield, VA
11-12-1822 TOTTY Thomas Tippitt Lucy Greene, GA
1850-1860 TOTTY Thomas Duncan Jennie **
12-15-1881 TOTTY Thomas B. Carnell Eddie M. Benton, TN
02-08-1810 TOTTY Thomas E. Phillips Frances Chesterfield, VA
08-18-1817 TOTTY Thomas E. Perkinson Patience Chesterfield, VA MR
ca 1872 TOTTY Thomas Hill Sarah Chesterfield, VA
03-08-1868 TOTTY Thomas S. Duncan Tennessee Hickman, TN
03-09-1831 TOTTY Thomas T. Price Mary D. Cumberland, VA
12-21-1818 TOTTY Thomas T. Perkinson Nancy Chesterfield, VA MR
04-04-1833 TOTTY Thomas T. or S. Mann Frances Chesterfield, VA MR
02-10-1896 TOTTY Ulysses Grant Dowdy Cora New  Madrid, MO
12-15-1915 TOTTY Una Grace Cantrell John Thomas Grayson, TX
* TOTTY Vera Hill Louis J. , AR **
12-03-1939 TOTTY Vera Lillian Bratton Samuel Melvin Hickman, TN
Private TOTTY Verena P. Smith Steven M.
08-02-1939 TOTTY Vernon Estell Hoisington Lorena Pearl Garvin, OK Divorced June 1962
12-26-1962 TOTTY Vernon Estell Markman Hildegard E. L. Tacoma, WA
Private TOTTY Vernon Estell Acquistapace Marie I.
bef 1944 TOTTY Vesta Faye Christal Lorn Leslie Potter, TX
10-19-1881 TOTTY Victory B. O'Guinn William Humphries, TN
09-09-1920 TOTTY Vida Vivian Exum Tom L. Woodruff, AR
08-23-1888 TOTTY Viola Rochell W. C. Hickman, TN
07-26-1868 TOTTY Virginia C. Canady William M. Independence, AR
08-18-1856 TOTTY Virginia H. Woodard William Albermarle, VA mr

Totty Marriages
Alphabetical List by given name

Date Last Name, Bride or 
First Name,
Bride or Groom
Last Name,
First Name,
County, State Remarks
03-06-1890 TOTTY W. E. Tyson Eveline Hickman, TN mr
02-02-1910 TOTTY Walder A. Coumerilh Lilly Bingham, ID
* TOTTY  Walker Poston Carls Katherine Margaret ** *,**
02-27-1861 TODDY W. H. TODDY Sarah S. Lewis, TN
01-10-1861 TOTTY W. H. Moore Charles F. Rutherford, TN
7-20-1951 TOTTY Walter Earnest Hall Leola Mae Woodruff, AR
bef 1935 TOTTY Walter Earnest Davis Dona , OK **
02-07-1884 TODDY William Vaden Margaret Humphries, TN
09-27-1843 TOLLEY William Jarrett Mary Carroll, TN
ca 1720 TOTTY William Mary Henrico, VA
1755-1765 TOTTY William (Hastinings?) Mary Chesterfield, VA
bef 1834 TOTTY William P. N. Hickman, VA cns
03-18-1836 TOTTY William Hundley Elizabeth Chesterfield, VA
09-10-1890 TOTTY William Brimberry Ida E. Houston, TX
bef 1899 TOTTY William Arthur Alley Lelia Dinwiddie, VA
1945-1955 TOTTY William Arthur Brown Annie Kerfoot Richmond, VA
1845-1846 TOTTY William C. Tucker Malena Jane Hickman, TN
01-15-1880 TOTTY William C. Hassell Mary E. Hickman, TN
03-05-1905 TOTTY William C. Anderson Sarah Annis Hickman, TN
02-21-1884 TOTTY William E. Parish Ella Independence, AR
12-25-1930 TOTTY William Earl Peeler Wylodeen Hickman, TN
03-15-1888 TOTTY William Edward Stuart Dora Belle Independence, AR
11-23-1929 TOTTY William Edward Jelks Jewell Rebecca Woodruff, AR
bef 1867 TOTTY William George Nancy Dinwiddie, VA
02-27-1861 TOTTY William H. TOTTY Nancy Jane Lewis, TN
03-29-1916 TOTTY William Harden Shipp Nellie Missouri Hickman, TN
1843 TOTTY William Harrison Simmons Elizabeth Hickman, TN
* TOTTY William Henry McGarrity Pearl Lee Rachel ** *, **
* TOTTY William Hill Molly Hickman, TN cemetery
* TOTTY William
11-15-1937 TOTTY William John August Barham Christina Ina Pottawatomie, OK
1790-1800 TOTTY William L. Mary of Warren, KY
* TOTTY William  Leonidas Riley Nettie , TN **
12-19-1891 TOTTY William Marion Hinkle Martha E. Montague, TX
02-05-1904 TOTTY William Marion Fortune Hattie , TX **
03-13-1905 TOTTY William Marion Gassoway Marian Sebastian, AR
06-17-1906 TOTTY William Marion Rigsby Sarah Ethel E. Scott, AR
* TOTTY William T. Cope Jolann Pottawatomie, OK
05-04-1859 TOTTY William T.  Thompson Mary A.E. Cherokee, TX
bef 1928 TOTTY William Thomas Strength Gertrude Tallosee, AL
11-26-1789 TOTTY William W. Andrews Edith Chesterfield, VA
05-18-1818 TOTTY William W. Whitson Naomi Hickman, TN
bef 1832 TOTTY William W.  Jane A. Hickman, TN cns
08-10-1848 TOTTY Williford Doris/Davis Reed Narcissa Adline Hickamn, TN
10-14-1866 TOTTY Williford Doris/Davis Harbin Narcissa Hickman, TN
09-11-1870 TOTTY Williford Doris/Davis Harbin Rebecca Hickamn, TN
07-04-1995 TOTTY Winona J. Holley Robert W. Gray, TX
bef 1940 TOTTY Winston Harman Weems Barbara Ellen , TX **
bef 1929 TOTTY Winston Russell Garrison Dessie Red River, TX
09-10-1890 TOTTY Wm Brimberry Ida E. Houston, TX
ca 1822 TOTTY Zachariah Warren Malinda Hickman, TN
08-20-1870 TOTTY/TODDY Zella/Zedy A. Musteen/Mustain James E. Independence, AR
03-15-1877 TOTTY Zeniar K. Coleman William M. Hickman, TN mr
12-20-1827 TOTTY Zillie Harris Elijah Barren, KY
ca 1880-1890 TOTTY ZolieCoffer R. Bates Mary Elizabeth , AR **

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