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Earliest Totty Roots Families of North Carolina

The colony of Carolina was established as a proprietorship in 1664 with Albemarle and Clarendon its original counties. In 1667 Clarendon was abandoned, and in 1670, Berkeley, Shaftsbury, Currituck and Pasquotank became precincts of Albemarle County. The majority of the early settlement was in the part that is now South Carolina, centered around present-day Charleston.

In 1682, the Carolina Colony was divided into South and North Carolina, with "proprietary" counties. In 1681, Berkeley's name was changed to Perquimans, and in 1685, Shaftsbury's name to Chowan. In 1696, Bath became North Carolina's second county, and in 1705, Wickham, Archdale & Pamptecough became precincts of Bath. In 1710, Carolina was separated, its southern portion becoming the province of South Carolina. In 1712, Pamptecough's name was changed to Beaufort, Archdale to Craven, and Wickham to Hyde. In 1722, Bertie was established from Chowan Precinct of Albemarle, and this same year, Carteret was est. from Craven in Bath County, and in 1729, New Hanover was also established from Craven. Also in 1729, in Albemarle Co, were established the precincts of Tyrrell from Bertie, Chowan, Currituck and Pasquotank. In 1734, in Bath County, Bladen and Onslow were est. from New Hanover, and in 1739, all "precincts" became counties, with Bath and Albemarle becoming extinct. In 1741, Edgecombe and Northampton are established from Bertie, and in 1746, Granville from Edgecomb and Johnston from Craven. In 1750, Duplin was est. from New Hanover and Anson from Bladen. In 1752, Orange was est. from Anson, Granville and Johnston, and in 1753, Rowan from Anson.

The earliest Totty  records located so far are in North Carolina are in Halifax County; in 1795.

Totty Marriage Records

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