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Our TOTTY Roots Surname Researcher's
Surname Researcher Email Address List

The Totty Research Email Address page is dedicated to all the Totty/Tottye/Tottie/Tottey/Toddy/Toddie etc. Family Researchers looking for their family or found on the Internet. If you are researching one of the previously named lines and would like to have your Name and email address added to this page so other researchers may possibly contact you about your Totty research, please send in and submit your information as described below

Listings will be alphabetical by Submiter's First Name

How To submit
 your TOTTY & Totty Associated Families Researcher Information

SEND E-mail message to include:
1.   Name
2.   Email Address
3.    Who you are looking for?
4.   During What Time Period?
5.   At What Place are you looking?
send your email message to the following address:


after you have submitted your information
it will be added within one week or ASAP
We appreciate you patience.

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Name, First Last  Email Address Searching For Time Period Place of Residence
Your Name Here  Your Email Address Who are you looking for?  During What Time Period?  At What Place?
Birdie McNutt Totty, Rogers, Combs, Hoisington, Yandell, Easley, Andrews, Probasco, Carr, Marshall,  1600-present VA, NC, TN, TX, AR, OK, CA
Johnnye Totty  Totty, Dance, Davis and Manuel 1600-present VA, TN, AR, TX, OK

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ATTENTION:  Totty & Totty-Family Associated Researcher's
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IMPORTANT!!  you don't have to be a member of our mailing list to share your TOTTY Related Research Records.  YOU can email your TOTTY & Associated Totty-Families information, records, etc.,DIRECT to <> and those records will be added along with the proper CREDIT GIVEN to the person submitting  and sharing their TOTTY and/or TOTTY related information.   You will receive a E-mail in return when any message is received, thanking you for submission of valuable research for our TOTTY Roots Web Pages.  ANY and ALL TOTTY Related Research is most appreciated and WELCOMEPLEASE advise the Totty Roots WebMaster BEFORE sending attachments, if you "need" to send an attachment with your Genealogy Research, you will be given further instructions at that time.

You Can NOW Post the TOTTY families you are researching, 
including your "brick wall", 
by submitting Your QUERY 


How to Submit Your Query

When submitting your query please use this format:

Your Name Jane/John Doe
*Your Street Address 5001 Avenue, Anywhere, USA 98005
Your E-Mail Addess
Your Web Page Address
Your Query

When writing your query please do not use all CAPSs, use all CAPS only for SURNAME's.
*It is important to provide your address because not everyone has email available
To submit your query send e-mail to: <>

Favorite TOTTY Genealogy Links

Jeanne Rogers Web Page - Totty family genealogy
Meet my Dad - Patty Lee's home page for Delbert Chan TOTTY
Johnnye Totty Web Page - Totty family genealogy

Family Tree Maker  - search Broderbund Software's Internet Family Finder for Totty
LDS Family Search- Great Site for "starter" place to do look ups on your Totty family -however all family research records are not fully documented.
Surname- Great Site for finding your surnames for research Plus our Totty families.
Combs Families Genealogy Research Group- Great Site to look up many families and their records PLUS lots more including some TOTTY associated records.

IMPORTANT:  If you have a Web Site that includes any TOTTY surname Genealogical research and would like to be added to these links please send a email to: <>
to include the Web Page URL where those records are located, and it will be added to our TOTTY Roots Links above.   Thanks

*NOTE:   If any of the above LINKS do not work PLEASE email additions, correction or question to:

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