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Totty Records of Halifax County Virginia
(Digging for our Totty Roots and finding the leaves on our Totty genealogy tree)

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The Totty Roots Family Records and document pages is a collection of our TOTTY Roots mailing list records and research by the TOTTY Roots Research Group.   If you have any records to would like to share with us, please contact our TOTTY Roots Administrator and Web Page Editor.     We at TOTTY Roots are dedicated to protecting the rights and privacy of our living relatives.  We encourage all involved in Genealogy Research to omit Vital information on any of our family members who are still LIVING, UNLESS you have their express and or written permisson.  We need to protect our descendants, while we search for our ancestors.    PLEASE do your part to protect and respect the privacy of everyone when placing information on the web.

The County of Halifax was created in 1752 from Lunenburg County, Virginia.   The courthouse is located in Halifax, VA.

1782 Heads of Families

                                    Name of Head of Family        White    Black
                                            James David                           7          0
                                            Moses Estes                          11          1
                                            Richard Parker                      12          0
                                           Thomas Day                          4           1
                                            Moses Estes, Sr.                     2           0
                                            Daniel Gill                              4          12
                                            Worham Easley                      9           0
                                            Robert Easely                        4            3
                                            Jesse Spradling                       2           0

1785 Heads of Families

                                Name of Head of Family        White    Dwellings     Black

1781 March 15th   Marriage   [Halifax County, Virginia]
Mary Ann EASLEY, b. October 03, 1746, Halifax Co., VA; m. Daniel PARKER

Halifax County, Virginia Deeds 1784-1790

Page 71. Mar 4, 1784 from William Wriqht and Ann, his wife, Ambrose  ESTES and John Wood, all of H, to Robert Burchet of H. Sd William Wright, by his H deed, conveyed to sd Ambrose ESTES and John
Wood, all that messuage, plantation, and tract of land in H, containing about 100 acres whereon sd William Wright now dwells, in trust and for the sole use of sd Ann during her natural life, and after her death, to Robert Wright, son of sd William and Ann, being the same land that Sd William Wright purchased of Thomas Coventon, dead, in his lifetime, and was by sd Thomas Coventon, by H deed, conveyed to sd William Wright. And it appearing to sd Ann Wright, Ambrose ESTES, and John Wood that sd land would be rendered of very inconsiderable value before the right and inheritance therein, and would inure to Sd Robert Wright., have agreed to sell the same and purchase other lands of greater value. Now this deed witnesses that sd William Wright and Ann, his wife, Ambrose Estes, and John Wood, for 40 £, have sold to sd Robert Burchett, all the afd messuage, plantation, and tract of land, which is bounded by the lines of William Thompson, Gent, Thomas - Coventon., Thomas Blackstock., and Robert Eastham.
Signed - W. Wright, Ann Wright, Ambrose ESTES, John Wood. Wit - Robert Wood., Elizabeth
(X her mark) Wood, Sarah (X her mark.) Brewis, Thomas (X his mark.) Coventon, Jr,Thomas (x his mark) Coventon Jr, Susanna (X her mark) McFarland
Recorded Aug 19, 1784.

Page 357. Dec 17, 1785 from Billey Wright of H, to John Yates of H, for 62 £ 10 shillings, that tract of land that sd Billey Wright formerly purchased of Nath  Pass that lies on the north side of the Caurthouse road, lying in H, about 137 acres bounded by the lands of Ambrus EASTIS, Joseph Abbott, James
Drummond, John Yates, and Robert Chandler.
signed Billey Wright.
Wit - none. -
Recorded Jan 19, 1786. Fanny, the wife of the sd Billey, relinquished her right of dower.

Page 359. Dec 17, 1785 from Billey Wright of H, to John Fulkerson of H, for 62 £ 10 shillings, all that tract of. land that the sd Billey Wright formerly purchased of Nath Pass that lies the south side of the Courthouse road, lying in H, about 137 acres, bounded by the lands of Wm Chandler, Ambrus EASTES, and Fulker Fulkerson and Robert Chandler.
Signed - Billey Wright. -
Wit - none.
Recorded Jan 19, 1786. Fanny, the wife of the sd Billey, relinquished her right of dower.

page 430. I, John August of H., hereby lease unto John  Whitworth Sr, the land and plantation whereon I now live, containing all of the sd tract of land and premises that I and my wife, Mary August, now and hereafter do or shall claim, by virtue of the will of sd Mary Auguest'.s former husband, William EASTES. This is a 9 year lease, that is to say, until the year 1792 if the life of my wife, Mary August, continues until that date, and if not, the above shall be null and void at her, sd Mary's death. The yearly rent is
4 £ by Jan 1.
Signed Jan 24, 1783 - John (X his mark) August.
Wit - James Hardwick, .Barttelet Cranshaw. Recorded Jun 15., 1.786.

Page 129. Jan 12., 1787 from James Cobbs Sr and Barbara Cobbs, both of H, to John Cobbs, Thomas Cobbs, and James Cobbs Jr of H, for the natural love that he and she have for the sd John, Thomas., and James., and for 10 shillings., 800 acres on Stanton River in H whereon the sd John & Thos Cdbbs now live.
signed - James (x his mark) Cobbs, Barbara (X her mark) Cobbs.
Wit - Vinson (X his mark) Francis, -Abraham (X his mark) ESTES, Magachi  (X his mark) Frances, William Organ.
Recorded Jul 19, 1787

Page 146. I, Moses ESTES Sr of H, knowing myself unable to take care of such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me, I hereby empower my son, Moses ESTES, to take the same into his possession, & I hereby give him full power to act for me, and do also deliver up such part of my estate as shall be hereafter mentioned, to be by him disposed of as he shall think best, for my maintenance & profit: all my cattle (except 1 white cow yearling) and 1 white mare and grey horse, 2 sows, 2 barrows, and 10 shoats; 1 man's saddle & bridle, all my tools, carpenters, coopers, and plantation, all my household furniture sd tubs, pots, pails, kettles, butter pots, and everything else belonging to my estate. signed Jul 16, 1787 - Moses (X his mark) ESTES Sr.
Wit - Wm POWELL, Wm (X his mark) Younger, Rachel Younger.
Recorded Jul 19, 1787.

Page 231. Aug 25, 1787 from Ezekel ESTES of Spencer County, NC [sic], to Daniel Chumbley (Chumbly) of H, for 25 £, about 66 ½ acres in H on the branches of Miry Cr, and bounded by Bartlett Crenshaw, Hendricks, Crizappel.
signed - Ezekel ESTES.
wit - Daniel PARKER, George EASTES, Isaac EASLEY, Mary Ann PARKER.
Recorded Feb 25,1788.

Page 239. Apr 9, 1788 from Lewis Cantelou and James Dormont of H, to Messrs Blodget and EUSTES of Petersburg, for 325.£ 4 shillings and one half  penny, about 50 acres in H on the main road, being the land whereon sd Lewis Cantelou now lives, and the same is bounded by Frederick Brown, Hailey,
Millers Road, the Switzers Branch.
Signed - Lewis Cantelou James Dormont.
Wit - -James Medley, Presley Hinton, H Goare. [No recording date stated]

Page .248. H, Apr 9 1788. I, Lewis Cantelou of.H, assign to Messrs Blodgett and EUSTIS, all my books and accounts, bonds, bills, extending to taday, with all their contents. I also invest Blodget and EUSTES with the authority to settle collect, sue for, and recover every part thereof. signed Lewis Cantelou. Wit - James Medley., Presley Hintan, H Goare. Recorded Apr 30, 1788..

Page 248. I, John August and Mary August of H, for 20 £, have sold and delivered to Daniel Chumley (Chumbly) of H, all our right to our land and plantation, and our crop growing thereon, for the term of 5 years. signed Jul [blank day, 1786-- John (-X his mark) August, Mary (X her mark) Auqust.Wit - James Hardwick, John Hardwick. Recorded Apr 29, 1788

Page 266. Nov 25, 1787 from Nicholas Vaughan of H., to Memucan Allen of Charlotte County, for 150 £, about 150 acres in H on Poplar Cr, and joining the lines of William Douglass, William POWEL, William Younger, Moses ESTIS, and the land called Fountains houses.
Signed - Nicholas Vaughan.
Wit - Thomas Roberts, John Finch.., Jno Roberts, William Douglas, John Douglas, Thomas Douglas, Solomon Pound.
Recorded Jun 23-, 1788.

Page 416. Sep 25, 1788 from William Maxy and James Williams of Lunenburg County, to William Brittain (Britton) of H, for 5,000 lbs of tobacco at any of the Petersburg warehouses, about 158 acres in H -on Staunton River, and bounded by John Maxy, it being the tract of land conveyed by sd William Maxy's father1 by will unto him.
Signed  - William Maxey, James Williams.
Wit - John Maxey, Christopher Irvine, Peggy Cobbs, Jno Dickerson, Lucrethaide Maxey, -Abraham (X his mark) ESTIS.
Recorded Mav 29  1789

Page 529.. I, Lewis Cantelow of Lunenburg County, having, by my letters of attorney, authorized Messrs  Blodgett and Eustis to be my attorneys in fact, to collect and settle certain debts due to me in VA, and with the proceeds thereof, to pay sundry demands Abraham EUSTIS, one of my sd attorneys, in 'his lifetime acted contrary to the powers in the sd letters, and soon after died without having fulfifled all or either of the sd powers. By the death of sd ESUTIS, the joint power granted by sd letters to Blodgett and EUSTIS

Esteses who had moved to Tennesse selling land in Halifax County. Leo

Halifax County, Virginia Deed Book 16 1793-1796

Page 10. Jun 4, 1793 from Daniel Chumbley and Bartlett Crenshaw of H, and Partrick EASTIS in Hawkins County, North Carolina [Tennessee], to Daniel PARKER of H, for 57 £, a tract of land in H on the Branches of Miry Cr, containing about 101 ½ acres  signed - Daniel (X' his rnark)  Chumley, Bartlett Crenshaw, Patrick (+ his mark.) Eastis.
Wit - William PARKER, George ESTIS, John PARKER.
Recorded Sep 23, 1793.

Page 17. Sep 23, 1793 from - Partrick ESTIS and John EASTIS of Hawkins County, North Carolina [Tennessee], to Daniel Chumbley of H, for 50 £, about ll9 acres in H on the branches of Mirey Cr, and bounded by Bartlett Crenshaw, James Hardwick, Stephen Tackett, Ann Bennett, Daniel PARKER,
Signed - Partrick (X his mark) ESTIS, John (X his mark) ESTES.
Wit - William PARKER
Recorded Sep 23, 1793.

Page 83. Jan 27, 1794 from Ambrose Eastes of H, to Ambrose Stanley of H, for 50 £., about 130 acres in H.  Signed - Ambrose (+ his mark) EASTIS.
Wit - James Eastham, John Fulkersan, Richard Startley Jr. Milley, the wife of the sd Ambrose Eastes, relinquished her right of dower to the lands within mentioned.
Recorded Jan 27, 1794

Page 94. For value recd, we sell to Richard Stanley Jr, for 5 shillings, a Negro girl named Sylvia and her increase.
Signed -Nov l2, 1793 - Ambrose (+ his mark) ESTES, Mildred (+her mark) ESTES.
Wit  -Thomas Roberts.
Recorded Jan 28, 1794.

Page 313. Feb 22, i795 from John Wilson Jr of H, to Thomas PARKER of H, for 60 £, about 214 acres in H, and bounded by the lines of George Jesbell ESTIE the land formerly belonging to William WilIis ".& others", being the land John Pulliam bou'ght of Mr. Booram.
Signad - Jno Wilson J.
Wit none.
Recorded Feb 23, l795.

Page 411. Jul 28, 1795 from Calab Hart of H, as attorney in fact for Micajah Easter of Hawkins [County, Tennessee] South of the River Ohio, to Philliman Carlton & William Satterwhite of H, for 250 £, about 209 acres in H on both sides of the Main Road that leads from Carolina [North Carolina?] to Richmond, formerly known by the name of the K  fork near Halifax Courthouse, and bounded by the north side of sd Road.
signed - Caleb Hart.
Wit -- James Gent, Jas. Thompson, Henry EASLEY.
Recorded Jul 27, 1795.

Page 414. Power of Attorney. Territory of the United States South of the River Ohio . I, Micajah ESTIS of the County of Hawking [Hawkins County, Tennessee] , appoint Caleb Hart of H, my true and lawful attorney, to make a deed to Philliman Carlton & William Satterwhite of H, for  209 acres in H, adjoining Allison Posey's land & Fountan's lines.
Signed Jun 1, 1795- Micajah ESTIS.
Wit - Jno ESTIS, George Joggett. Jun Court 1795. I, Richard Mitchall, Clerk of -the Court of Hawkins County certify that the afd power of attorney was lawfully proven.
Signed - Rich. -Mitchall.
Recorded Jul 27, 1795.

Page 524. Jan 25, 1796 from John Perry of H, to Samuel Bentley of H, for 50 '£, about 94 acres in H on the south side of Banister River on the main Road that leads from the Cowford to Boyds ferry, and bounded by Thomas' line, Willingham's line, Willinghams Branch, Fountain's line.
Signed -- John (X his mark) Perry. Wit - Daniel Terry, Sam ESTIS, Beverlev Borun.
Recorded Jan.25, 1796.

Page 525-a. Jan 25, 1796 from Samuel Bentley to John Perry, both of H, for 48 £, 86 acres in H on the south side of Dan River ... Poplar Cr, and bounded by Boyds Ferry Road, Douglass' line, Younger's line
Signed - Samuel (D his -mark) Bentley. Wit - Daniel Terry, SamI Estis, William Parks.
Recorded Jan 25, 1796.

Page :545. Sep 21, 1795 from John Standley and Ambrose Standley, [and] Saphire Standley, the wife of John Standley, of H, to John Roberts of H, for 100 £, about 230 acres in H on the Double Branch of Difficult Cr, it being the land conveyed to them by deed from Ambrose EASTIS, and bounded by the
north side of the road leading to the old Courthouse, thence on John Wood's line.
Signed  - John Standley, Ambrose Standley, Saphire (X her mark) Standley.
Wit - James Eastham, Henry Isbell Jr, Richard (X his mark) Bennett, Mathew Sims, Edwd Roberts. Recorded Feb 22, 1796.

1816 April 6th   (Dic TN, Co. Court Minutes, 2/no#)    PARKER, Daniel - Died before 6 April 1816, when Moses PARKER was appointed administrator.

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